“Suitcase school” – Why Cabrini is a ghost town on the weekends

By Jade Motto
September 17, 2014

The college that I chose to start my future career at is identified as a “suitcase school.” Coming into Cabrini College, I realized it was no Penn State, yet while shadowing the school as a senior in high school, it gave me the feeling of home that no other college or university gave me. Yes, Cabrini College is a very small, private college and with that comes a lot of positive and negative aspects that I have learned throughout my three years here. I believe every freshmen should be aware of a few things about Cabrini before fully committing to being a future Cavalier.

McManus House, as represented on the Cabrini website, is not as picture-perfect to reside in.  (Retrieved from cabrini.edu)
McManus House, as represented on the Cabrini website, is not as picture-perfect to reside in. (Retrieved from cabrini.edu)

Going into my freshman year, I had many fears that most people have. I was scared about going off to college and not living at home. Fears about not being smart enough for the courses I was assigned, whether I’d like my rommates, making friends, being able to handle the party scene, dealing with older college boys, having sex, covering costs and just being safe in general.

Starting as a freshman at Cabrini I felt very welcomed by the students and the teachers. I lived on campus my freshman year, just like most students do. Transitioning from having my own master bedroom to sharing a small dorm with two others was very drastic.  The dorm life sucks don’t get me wrong, but freshman should not base their decision of leaving  just on dorm life. I ended up going home every weekend because the night life at Cabrini bored me. However, looking back now, it was because I never took the time to meet Cabrini kids and give myself a chance to go out with them. I just assumed it would not have been fun because the parties at home and the parties here were completely different.

If you are living on campus at Cabrini, you are always offered a meal plan. As a freshman I was very careful with my eating habits because I did not want to gain the freshman 15. Cabrini’s buffet‑style cafeteria offers healthy options and varied dining. Jazzman’s Café offers bistro-style meals including fresh-baked goods, salads, sandwiches, soups and coffee. We also have vending machines with healthy snack options and local off-campus restaurants.

As a freshman, it was very hard to get off campus due to the fact that we cannot have cars on campus, which I believe is one of the main reasons why students end up leaving after their first year

My sophomore year I still lived on campus, but I signed up to live in one of the houses since they looked so great on Cabrini’s website and I was not a major fan of the dorms. I was very happy with the amount of spaceI was offered and the fact that there was acess to a kitchen in the house. I appreciated my sophomore year at Cabrini a lot more than my freshman year due to the fact that I had better living space and was able  to get around on my own without having to wait for the Cabrini shuttle that is based on a time schedule.

My junior year, I moved off campus into a house right up the road from Cabrini, and that has been the best decision of my life.

As the years went on at Cabrini, I was able to get past to dorm life and have more freedom handed to me. I learned how to appreciate it more and understood why I chose this school. It is a great school. Yes, it is very small, which is why most students leave after their freshman year or on the weekends, because it does not have the  types of frats or sororities that they are looking for.

Cabrini is not known for the best parties because of the amount of students here but it gives you more one-on-one help with the professors. You are not known as just a number at Cabrini. The professors value relations with their students. Once you are familiar with the area, gain more freedom, get involved on campus and find your group of friends, you are sure to love it.

Jade Motto

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