Students working on shedding winter weight

By Chris Jones
January 29, 2004

Shawn Rice

Summer is on the way and getting in shape is a goal every year for people. Yet, Spring Break is even closer for college students and time is ticking.

Being at a disadvantage already, coming off from the holidays, Cabrini students are rigorously going to the gym in efforts to shed some pounds and get fit. Sophomore Jessica Webb is heading to the beach for Spring Break in which she plans on getting the perfect figure for her bathing suit. “I go to the gym every other day in which I run, do crunches and lift weights.” Webb also attends the kickboxing class that is held at the Dixon Center.

A lot of residents this year will be headed to different countries and islands for some fun in the sun. Sophmore Kelsey Kuhwald, who will be going to the Dominican Republic, is already in gear and motivated to get in shape. “I head to the Dixon Center four days a week and lift weights for 15 minutes, work on my abs for 25 minutes, and do some cardio for 20 minutes.” Besides heading to the Dominican Republic, as motivation Kuhwald tends to take a buddy with her also. “I always bring a friend to keep me on track, you know, I tend to lose the enthusiasm when I first start to work out,” Kuhwald said.

Not everyone is headed for some enjoyment during their Spring Break. A lot of Cabrini sports teams are headed toward the south to train for the upcoming season. Megan McKeage will be heading to Florida this year with the rest of the woman’s lacrosse team to prepare for its season. Though they will be there to mostly practice, they will also have some time to have fun in a bathing suit also.

Besides getting fit during Spring Break, the lacrosse team will also be working out prior to their trip. Beth Sheely, a student trainer at the Dixon Center, sees a lot of athletes, as well as other students come into the Dixon Center to work on different regions of their body. She said that people usually come to work on their lower legs. They also do a lot of cardiovascular workouts to help them get in shape as well.

Though, for different motives, many students are gearing for a healthier and toned body, one thing that still remains is Spring Break and the chance for students to show off their toned bodies.

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Chris Jones

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