Students to benefit from intramurals

By Katie McNulty
March 11, 2005

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Orlin Jespersen was hired in Oct. 2004 as the Director of Intramurals and Recreation. He is the first staff member to truly dedicate himself to the intramurals program at Cabrini College. With his primary focus on the students and giving them a variety of sports and activities to participate in, he is also a firm believer that students can benefit from playing intramurals in college.

Graduate of Western Washington University, Jespersen played intramural volleyball in college. Currently having six years of coaching experience behind him, including coaching volleyball at the University of Pennsylvania, Jespersen believes that it was his experience playing club sports and intramurals in college that helped him with his coaching skills and abilities to run sports programs.

“Participating in club sports and intramurals taught me what goes on behind the scenes. I learned things like scheduling, how to promote sports programs, field organization, line ups, and how to run practices. I developed strong leadership skills and gained a greater understanding of the whole picture. There is more to a game then just getting out there and playing on the field or court. Taking this job at Cabrini gives me the opportunity to give back to this kind of sports environment. I saw the benefits of playing club sports and intramurals and I want to put them out there for the students,” said Jespersen.

Mike Egan, assistant Captain of the Roller Hockey Club saw the benefits of organizing a sports club team last year.

“Up until this year before we were recognized by the school, we pretty much ran ourselves, coached ourselves, and funded ourselves. I definitely see the benefits of running a sports club team. I learned great leadership skills,” said Egan.

In order for a team or club to get funding from the school, they must do community service. Orlin Jespersen helped the Roller Hockey Club get involved in volunteer work so that the school would pick up some of the cost that goes into running a sports club.

“Orlin helped us out a lot this year, especially in hooking us up with volunteer work,” said Egan.

The Roller Hockey club and Orlin Jespersen go to Don Guanella School in Marple, Pa. and play hockey with the students.

“The kids are really nice. We are doing something good for the community and have a great time doing it,” said Egan.

Participating in intramurals also gives students the opportunity to play a sport with out the pressure of competition and with the major benefit of having a good time.

TJ Crowthers, a sophomore social work major, was excited to hear about the intramurals program.

“I used to play softball in high school, when I came to college I was apprehensive about the competition so I decided not to play. When spring came around last year I missed playing. I am excited about the intramurals program. Hopefully softball will be offered in the spring and I will get the opportunity to play and have a good time with it,” Crowthers said.

Currently in the winter season Bag mitten, volleyball, indoor soccer, and rock climbing are offered. Every Tuesday night Jespersen takes a van up to the Philadelphia rock gym from six until nine to get students involved with rock climbing. It is free and more people are encouraged to come out and go rock climbing.

Signups for the spring season will be held in the middle of March. Jespersen would like to see a kickball team, softball team and a dodge ball team. Jespersen is up for any suggestions. “I am here to serve the students. Whatever the students want to see I am willing to get it started,” said Jespersen.

A website is up on Cabrini one and you can reach Jespersen by email at or by phone at (610)225-3909.

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Katie McNulty

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