Students: take advantage of the Dixon Center

By Elizabeth Lavin
October 28, 2005

Most people who have hit the gym once or twice like to think that they are making good use of the gym, but the facts completely disagree.

Orlin Jespersen, intramurals and recreational director, said they rarely see new faces at the gym.

“We have a core of students that use it consistently, but it is something we want to see more of,” Jespersen said. “We offer a lot, and the community use is big, but we want to see more student use.”

The swipe card system at the Dixon Center helps determine who is coming and going. Aside from the athletic teams using it regularly, the majority of the student population uses the gym sporadically, if at all.

Jespersen heads the recreational aspect of the Dixon Center and is always open to new suggestions and urges people with new ideas to come to him and he will try to accommodate them.

Along with Jespersen, Tracey Krakowiak, fitness director at the Dixon Center, helps to split the tasks of the Dixon Center. While Jespersen heads intramural activities, Krakowiak holds aerobics classes and runs the health fair, for which a date has not yet been set.

Craig Warrington, a junior accounting major, regularly uses the gym.

“I work out to get in shape for the ladies and to relieve stress. I lift weights three days a week and either run or play basketball three days a week,” Warrington said.

Warrington is a commuter and says that being a commuter does make it harder to get to the gym, and he is usually calling people to find out the Center’s hours.

Danielle Murphy, a freshman psychology, sociology and religious studies major uses the gym because she has bad knees and is working to strengthen the muscles.

“I work out as often as I can, but it is usually only once a week because of my workload,” Murphy said. “A lot of times I’ll plan on going to the gym then don’t because of homework.”

The Dixon Center’s hours are posted in numerous places- on the door of the Dixon Center, at the front desk of the Center and on Cabrini’s websites.

All of the various activities that the Dixon Center offers are posted there as well. The directors of the Dixon Center strongly urge students to come and utilize everything they have to offer; from up-to-date equipment to aerobics classes to intramural sports.

Posted to the web by Brian Coary.

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Elizabeth Lavin

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