Students struggle with feelings about war

By Lauren Gatto
March 20, 2003

With so many unanswered questions and the shaky state of the country, many students find themselves torn between pro- and anti-war feelings.

Many are in fear of what may lie ahead for the economy and for the American people. Protests against the pending war have filtered throughout the country, while those who are supporting it are fighting back. Among these American people are students who are struggling being pro- or anti-war. “I’m not totally against war, but I am not for it either. I wish war wasn’t necessary, however it looks like there are few options left,” junior Patrick Kelly said. “Peacefully asking to come in and check things out hasn’t worked.”

Sophomore political science major Meg Mirzoeff said, “We’ve tried everything from peace talks to treaties and they aren’t working. War seems like the only answer.”

On the other hand, senior Kat Pirrone said, “I don’t feel that war is necessary, but some action needs to be taken.”

“I know a lot of young people are against the war, but I think that most of them are unaware of the ramifications,” sophomore Zak Hamid said. “War is a harsh reality and nobody likes it, but sometimes it has to be done.”

America’s patriotism was tested on Sept. 11, 2001, as it became the foundation for the intolerance of terrorism. “It all just started to snowball from that point. Our freedom was taken away that day,” Mirzoeff said.

Many students feel that it is time that action is taken, however, they are opposed to the amount of casualties that will be the end result when the fighting has stopped. “I think this war will only bring more pain and damage,” sophomore Terisita Cruz said.

Students will be affected by this war whether it is direct or indirect. “I think students will play a big role in the war,” Cruz said. However, junior Matthew Cornely said, “I’m not sure that there will be any major affects on students. As with the Gulf war, it was a ‘video war’ where most of America just watched and were not affected directly.” To sum up the responses that most students gave when asked how they felt about the war, no one said it better then sophomore Melissa Mesete, “It scares me.”

“I believe its our President finishing his fathers war,” sophomore Mike Sofia said.

“Saddam should have been taken care of a long time ago,” Cornely said.

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Lauren Gatto

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