Students show appreciation for the kids

By Kellie Belmonte
April 7, 2005

Kellie Belmonte

Over 30 student volunteers from Cabrini gathered in the Dixon Center on Tuesday, April 5 for Cabrini’s Kids Count Day organized by junior Claudia Sciandra. Kids from the Don Guanella School, the Police Athletic League (PAL), and Big Brothers and Big Sisters came for a day full of sports activities, games, t-shirt making, food and prizes.

About 25 kids from the ages of 7-14 came for a day of fun. Sciandra said, “Kids Count Day was a day that a bunch of student organizations got together to have an appreciation day for all the kids, and to show the students of Cabrini how involved they’ve been.”

The group that really organized everything is the Peer Scholars who are a new group on campus. Mary Laver, director of applied and social teaching, said, “The Peer Scholars is a new program at Cabrini consisting of five student who are picked to receive scholarships and also program money to find ways to get Cabrini College interested in mentoring kids.”

Another student involved who is one of the peer scholars is Cabrini sophomore Andrew Randolph. Randolph got involved with the Norristown coordinator at the PAL center, and believes that’s these after school type programs provide the children with a wonderful outlet. “I made contact with Brett Wells through the PAL center previously through my projects and found him to be someone beneficial to Claudia’s project today,” said Randolph.

Two other peer scholars also got involved. Juniors, Deirdre Beadle and Jen Brown said together, ” We were given a great opportunity, plus we had a little bit of experience in corrections.”

Robert Neely who is with the Don Guanella school said, “We do a lot of great programming with Cabrini through the radio station, dances, and all sorts of activities. They even have the freshman come to our school to do a day of service there.”

Claudia Sciandra explained that there were many different organizations on campus that were involved in making this program a success. RHA, SGA, CAP Board, Sigma Rho, Cabrini tennis team, the Accounting Club, Big Brothers and Big Sisters all teamed up together to give the kids a day of appreciation.

There were various activities for the children to get involved in. They had basketball games, kickball, t-shirt making, snacks, and prizes. Sciandra feels like it is very important to get Cabrini involved in working with the kids.

Sciandra also said, “Personally I would like to thank Mary Laver for her guidance and support and the Peer Scholars, Andrew, Deirdre, Jen and all the volunteers. I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without you.”

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Kellie Belmonte

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