Students share interests at Involvement Fair

By Sarah Duffy
September 30, 2004

Shane Evans

Students came to see the monkeys but they stayed to get involved. Last Thursday’s Involvement Fair featured a record number of student organizations, in the carnival like confines of Grace Hall. As if getting involved wasn’t enough, an outside entertainment company, Entertaining Ideas, brought with them everything from snow cones to monkey’s in an effort to spur student participation.

After stopping briefly at the registration desk students took their sticker scorecards to the various tables. The objective: to sign up for 10 clubs and receive 10 stickers. Once the cards were full you could take it over to the Build-A-Bear stand, where each student could personalize a teddy of their very own.

This system encouraged the students to circulate the room and learn a little about all the organizations Cabrini has to offer. It must be working because, in the three years Student Development Director Jason Bozzone, has taken over, the number of student organizations has risen from 12 to over 30, catapulting Cabrini College into the next dimension of higher education.

Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Texas Hold-em Club, and Up-Till-Dawn, made their debut; generating awareness to secure longevity at Cabrini. With all these new additions the Accounting club will have some tough competition defending their title of Student Organization of the Year. Some of the older groups, such as CAP Board, RHA and Ski Club have events and entertainment to keep the student body going all semester long.

The 2004 political debates began early with the Student Democrat Association and College Republican Club. When asked how the dynamic was working out, the leader of the College Republican Club, Lance Farrell, said, “We’re right and their wrong.” To come back the club said, “They don’t care about the facts.” The two organizations were placed next to each other for the convenience of the swing voters and independents.

Battles didn’t stop there, an outside organization, Generation Life, set up at the event because they heard Planned Parenthood was going to be there. These differences of opinion didn’t stir up any controversy, rather they made an accurate representation of the entire student body.

“I came to see the monkeys” Sophomore Sue Francek said, as she awaited the opportunity to see one. A group of freshmen enjoying the spectacular day outside Woodcrest, while the fair was well underway, were thinking about stopping by, but when informed that they had monkeys they booked full force up to Grace Hall.

Whatever the gimmicks to get them in, Thursday turned into a forum for the whole school to come together. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry; there is always time to get involved, keep your eye out for these organizations and upcoming events.

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Sarah Duffy

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