Students relax during ‘Transformers’ movie night

By Elizabeth Krupka
October 15, 2009

Lauren Sliva

Students gathered in East Residence lounge on Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. to watch “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.” This is the second movie event that CAP Board has sponsored this year. It gives students an opportunity to take a break from studying and get involved with different people on campus.

“I had a lot of fun, especially because I really enjoy movies,” Kristen Nagle, freshman elementary and special education major, said. “I have seen the movie before but I will do anything to get out of my room for the night, so the movie seemed like a good idea.”

“I love the CAP Board events. Honestly I love to just participate in the events; it gets me out of staying in my room all night and doing something else,” Allie Van Schaack, freshman communication major, said.

About 25 students came to the movie event. Many other students wandered in and out frequently to stop in for a break from their studies.

Amber LaJeunesse, assistant director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, chose the movie for the event.

“Over the summer, CAP Board pays attention to the hit movies and holds discussions with the company they use for movie selections to see what will be available and when. We chose ‘Transformers’ because we knew it was popular in the summer and we could get it around this time of year- a great time for a movie night,” LaJeunesse said.

Another reason that CAP members chose the movie was because both the men and women on campus could equally enjoy it.

To get the movies is a task in itself as well. CAP Board members cannot just go to Blockbuster and pick up a movie. There are a certain number of companies that work with different colleges. Those companies give the institutions the movies before they are sold on DVD. Colleges pay to have the rights for these DVD which are called “pre-home releases”.

“I think it is really nice that CAP Board is offering these types of events and this opportunity,” Cathy Matta, freshman math major, said.

“The movie event turned out really well and there seemed to be a lot of people there, especially freshmen. That’s really nice to see because it means that the word is getting out” Peter Morrison, sophomore Spanish and education major, said.

To get an event like this up and running, it takes hard work from members of CAP Board.

“We need to put out a lot of flyers and we have to do a lot of spreading the word. If we tell just a couple of people that means that their friends and other groups of friends will come as well. When we have a good outcome like at the movie event it means that all of our planning had a positive influence,” Morrison said.

“It was really exciting that CAP was showing that movie because I had been wanting to see it. The movie was a lot better than everyone had said. I really enjoyed the event,” Lauren Britton, sophomore elementary education major, said.

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Elizabeth Krupka

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