Students registering for spring semester classes

By Eugene Iacovelli
November 8, 2001

It is time to register for the spring semester. Some may be wondering what to take this coming semester. What classes would the current event enthusiast want to take to catch up on the crisis that is faced by us all?

This coming spring, Cabrini College will offer several classes that deal with the Sept. 11 attacks. Since the Sept. 11 attack, the news agencies and all other forms of media have been quite popular. Coverage of the terrorist attacks as well as the bombing campaign has been wide spread. Cable news stations have been reporting the anthrax incidents 24 hours a day. There is one course being offered that plays off of the propaganda that has been thrown around by the media. Entertaining the Third Reich through Film, with Neal J. Newman, theater director, will delve in to the art of propaganda that was used in Nazi Germany during World War II. This communications class will differentiate between the lies of Nazi Germany as opposed to what was actually happening.

Another class offered this spring that coincides with recent events is Introduction to International relations. This political science course with Dr. James Hedtke, history and political science chair, will cover relations between America and its foreign allies and enemies. Transfer student Donald Plummer looks forward to understanding some of the events that have been taking place. “Because there is so much confusion going on with the war,” Plummer said, “It’s important to know what’s happening.” This class will prove to be interesting as well as to benefit students, giving them a better understanding of problems that arise between the U. S. and the rest of the world. There will also be another course being offered by the same professor on current events. The title of the course, Current Events, will deal a with the terrorist attacks as well as the mysterious anthrax outbreaks.

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Eugene Iacovelli

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