Students MIA at activities meeting

By Gina Peracchia
December 5, 2002

Students complain about having nothing to do on campus on the weekends, but when Student Activities asks for suggestions, no one speaks up.

On Monday, Dec. 2, an invitational meeting was held in the New Residence Hall for students to give ideas on activities that would make them want to leave their suitcases in their dorm.

After hearing students say that Cabrini is a “suitcase college,” Jason Bozzone, director of Student Activities, wanted to help students become more involved on campus and says that seeing only three people showed up for the meeting shows that not much effort is being made on the students’ part.

Student Activities is not what it once was. A new staff means new suggestions and new activities, and they are here to make sure students enjoy college life and get out of their dorms every once in awhile.

“My No.1 reason why I’m here is to help support and challenge the student body and help each student learn, develop and grow in their own unique way. I took three days out of my busy schedule to put something together and have people talk in a round-table, and what you get is three people,” Bozzone said.

There have been many activities planned for students this semester, and people have been attending them. During the 15 weekends in this fall semester, there have been 24 events put together by students and the Student Activities staff. Three of the most popular events were Midnight Madness with more than 400 in attendance, the Fall Gala in Grace Hall, which was attended by over 220 students, and the Fall Fling, Carnival, and BBQ with over 200 participants.

Student Activities wants the legacy of students not showing their school spirit and ignoring events to quickly diminish. According to Bozzone, he knows what makes the students tick, and a lot of it deals with the history and tradition that has been on campus for so long.

“We’re trying to institute new philosophies at Cabrini, where it’s more student-friendly and student-focused,” Bozzone said.

This campus is a “gem in the woods,” as Bozzone put it, and he does not think people understand the potential that Cabrini has to explode.

Bozzone still wants to meet again with students and discuss what they want to have happen on Cabrini’s campus.

“We’re looking to figure out how to help you guys, and if you’re going to ‘talk the talk’ then you got to ‘walk the walk.’ There’s only so much you can do with whoever wants to help,” Bozzone said.

To get involved or voice an opinion or activity idea,
contact Jason Bozzone in Student Activities at x8407 or e-mail him at

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Gina Peracchia

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