Students discuss healthcare issue before election

By Morgan Miller
November 13, 2008

Cabrini students were able to discuss political views at a round table discussion on Tuesday, Oct. 28, in Grace Hall boardroom.

Kristin Nicely-Colangelo, assistant professor of social work, hosted the event. Many students joined Nicely-Colangelo to discuss their views on the 2008 presidential candidates.

Opening at 7:15 p.m. Nicely-Colangelo said, “[The point of this discussion is to] collectively unify and help each other understand the candidate’s view points.” David Dunbar, associate professor of biology, started the discussion stating each candidates’ position on health care for children.

Republican Sen. John McCain’s plan does not require every one to have health insurance.

In contrast, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama’s plan requires all children to have health insurance.

The latter fact sparked a discussion on socialism and its similarities to a single payer system.

“We can’t be afraid of the s word, which is socialism,” Frank Dearoff, junior biology pre-med major, said, which opened the socialism discussion. “Everybody deserves some level of care.”

Nicely-Colangelo pointed out how socialism is already present in the United States. “Public schooling is government funded and mandated,” Nicely-Colangelo said, “making it a socialist system.”

She continued on to discuss a single payer financing system, one she believes to be a balanced option.

“Basically the big thing with single payer is that there aren’t multiple companies. Right now our health care is kind of like who has the best clothes, who can sell you the best stuff because it’s set up to be competitive in a capitalist society,” Nicely-Colangelo said. “So when you have a single payer it takes that out; you have this one provider. It almost feels like a balance to me.”

The group did not unanimously support socialism. Lauren Grassi, senior social work major, discussed how socialism could lead to lack of motivation.

“If you give the same [salary] to jobs with different levels of difficulty, the motivation [factor will be eliminated],” Grassi said. “A surgeon may not feel as motivated to do his job well.”

“We need a new-new deal,” Dunbar said, adding to the conversation.

The discussion took a final turn to the general view on the 2008 presidential candidates’ plans.

Andrew Pillar, senior social work major, did not specifically state who he voted for. However, Pillar said, “Neither has the answer.”

“They throw words around, smile big and hope you’re not paying attention,” Kate Manning, junior biology major, said. “There’s no right answer; you make something better and then something else will go down the drain.”

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Morgan Miller

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