Students clarify misunderstanding

By Haven McMickle Marian Gibfrie
April 10, 2003

Thank you for the strong coverage of the protest. However, there are a few things we would like to address. If you are going to give an article the prominence of the front page of the paper, it is extremely important that you report the contents of the story accurately. One example of this is when reporting students’ views on campus. It should be noted whether or not that entire group or just that one person holds the opinion.

More importqantly, the lead of the story introduced the situation as “two separate groups of protestors: anti-war and pro-America.” By labeling one group “pro-America” you insinuate that the other group is “anti-America.” This is not true’ being anti-war is not the same in the slightest as being anti-America. Both sides of the protest fully supported and support the soldiers and the ideals upheld by our country in which we live. To show our full support of America, the anti-war protestors offered means of contacting and sending packages to American troops on flyers handed out throughout the protest. (If someone would still like to send a care package or letter to a soldier, visit or telephone the Wolfington Center.)

We also want to point out a strong contradiction that was made in the article. President Iadarola is quoted as saying she “supports both sides.” Immediately after her statement, the journalist recorded “Iadarola supported the pro-war students.” We encourage you to check with your sources to ensure the information you provide reflects the truth. It was made aware to us that quotes were taken out of context and both organizers on both sides of the protest were never contacted or interviewed.

On an endnote, the title of this article, “Conflict at passive protest” needs to be addressed. Last Wednesday afternoon, there was a representation of two opinions but no “conflict.” In fact, each side was organized by members of the activism committee and we are all friends. At the protest, both sides overtly respected each other. We encourage you to accurately report truth and to edit your articles with closer scrutiny. Thank you again for your time and coverage.

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Haven McMickle Marian Gibfrie

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