3 students awarded for research papers

By Catharine Hernson
May 2, 2002

The Eastern Psychological Association accepted five Cabrini students’ research papers, and three were presented for regional research awards. The five students represented the school well at the Psi Chi awards.

Kristin Zilienski, Terry Murry, Lauren Donati, Lauren Kitchen and Maria Ludlow went to Boston to present their research papers. The three that won received $300 checks and all the participants are now looking at great graduate school opportunities. Zilienski was accepted into the doctoral program at Temple University for psychology, Donati is currently being accepted to law school and Kitchen, Ludlow and Murry plan to work for a year before attending graduate school.

Cabrini received the most awards of all the schools that entered the competition. “We had students do very well,” Dr. M.L. Sicoli said. She was very proud of the group and how they presented their work to the association. Kitchen, a double major in psychology and special education, will enter her research paper into the national journal, Psi Chi.

Each of the students presented very different research. Kitchen’s research was on how children with handicapped siblings view themselves versus the way children without handicapped siblings view themselves. Sicoli was pleased with the results of the research. Kitchen found that both groups have similar self concepts. Murry researched the effects of anxiety and how it helps or hinders academic achievement.

Catharine Hernson

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