Students are honored for their service

By Staff Writer
April 24, 2003

Ryan Mulloy

A person has spent her morning dishing out food for several dozen people. Another person has just filled out the last line on an income tax return. They and many other students at Cabrini take time out to help others in any way they can.

On Thursday, April 10, the Wolfington Center held its’ first ceremony honoring students who shined in community outreach. The four areas in which the students were honored were those who were active citizens, community builders, truth seekers, and charity to justice pathfinders.

Active citizens are students who have volunteered in community services like the Special Olympics, the Hunger and Homelessness Campaign, a Seminar 300 service, or even an internship like senior LaToya Bradley did. Community builders are student groups who have made community service an integral part of their club’s mission. The Finance Club generated a campus-wide program in which students and faculty clicked on the Cabrini button on the website in order for money to be donated to underdeveloped countries. Corporations would later pick up the “donations” and provide credit for countries in need. Cabrini ranked 32nd out of a listing of 239 colleges nationwide.

Truth seekers are people who in their research or campus activity raised social justice awareness. Courses that they have taken have inspired these students to speak out for those who are not heard. They also voiced their opinion on events that have occurred on campus and sought to bring attention to it, where otherwise it would have been brushed off as another “incident.” Charity to justice pathfinders were awarded for their leadership in community service and eye-opening ideas. Two graduating seniors, Renee DiPietro and Geronna Lewis, expressed feelings of personal growth through their involvement.

“I didn’t want to be honored. I like being behind the scenes. I didn’t have many leadership skills. But it was good that they paid attention to us,” Maureen Cooper, a freshman who was honored at the ceremony, said. “Nobody realizes how much we do for this school. I feel so special. Just getting acknowledged was good.”

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