Students, administration take light walk on campus

By Catharine Hernson
October 24, 2002

Chris Jones

Each year the administration walks around campus with members of the student body to evaluate the safety of the campus.

The Student Government Association worked with the Student Life office and other members of the administration to set up the “safety walk” for Tuesday, Oct. 22.

The walkers included Stephen Lightcap, vice president of finance and administration, Dr. Richard Neville, vice president of student development, Harold Holden, director of facilities, Charlie Schaffner, director of public safety, Angie Hodgeman, coordinator of residents life, Joe Johnson, resident director, Kevin Quaglia, president of the residence hall association, Bern Hazel, president of the SGA executive board and Jesse Gluckman, resident assistant.

During the walk, the student representatives explained to the administrative representatives how they felt the lighting on campus was inadequate. Also discussed was the idea of campus safety and how students should be more careful. Schaffner added that students can always call public safety for an escort if they feel unsafe walking alone at night or use the ‘the buddy system.”

Call boxes are now in the plans for the parking areas on Residential Boulevard as well as some new light poles around the drive. One of the reasons for the lack of lighting around campus is that the lights are no longer working. Any student can call facilities to inform them of the problem. Each light is equipped with a number on the side of pole for easy reference.

The administration has plans to go on another walk in the spring semester in order to see if changes are being made in a timely manner. “A campus changes more quickly than we realize,” Holden said.

This light walk did have some problems keeping students and administrators from seeing the true darkness of the campus. There was a tennis match that night and the lights flooded the surrounding area. The light made much of the walk futile, as the areas behind the houses and apartment complex were of great concern to the residents.

The suggestions of this light walk will be handled as funds are made available for the new equipment. Last year’s walk brought the addition of the new blue emergency call boxes in the Dixon Center parking lot.

In order to make changes students can contact facilities or the SGA. Both organizations will work together to make the campus safer for residents and commuters.

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Catharine Hernson

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