Students, administration must learn to hear each other

By defaultuser
April 25, 2002

Last week, Loquitur offered comments of assurance that Cabrini must take some falls in order to grow. With the recent firing of Resident Assistants and the unfolding of controversial issues between students and Residence Life, it is glaringly imperative that fair and mutual respect and communication between the students and the administration must be established before Cabrini takes any steps for the future.

Right now, the students of Cabrini are experiencing freedom that, according to some upperclassmen, they have not had in several years. Over the past few weekends, Public Safety has not been senselessly writing up harmless students and in return the students have respectfully had their good time. When students are forcibly removed from the houses or the apartments for no good reason other than what seems to be the failure of Public Safety to meet a quota, property is damaged, essentially causing more damage then there was before the intervention.

It is true, of course, that Public Safety and Residence Life has to keep the best interest of the students and the school in mind. But when one person from either office is making the final call on controversial issues, questions arise among the student body and rumors fly. Instead, there should be more order to the process or perhaps a leader of Cabrini should step up and take control.

Enter President Dr. Antoinette Iadarola and Vice President of Student Development Dr. Laura Valente. In the midst of this battle between students and the administration, the two figureheads of the students and the college have been shockingly silent. Loquitur understands that neither side wants to speak too soon. But before things get out of hand, someone, or some mutual board, must take control. The passing of time and empty threats alone will not solve the current discrepancies.

It is crucial in a time like this for students to act responsibly with what seems like newfound freedoms. On the other hand, it is just as important for the administration to reassure students that they are on their side, not working against, or for the fall of, the student body.

With open communication and a mutual understanding of the needs of the students and administration, Cabrini will be well on its way for the future. Until a compromise is mutually settled, however, the chaos will continue.

The editorials, viewpoints, opinions and letters to the editor published in Loquitur are the views of the student editorial board and the individual writers, not the entire student body or the faculty and administration.

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