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By Sara Horan
November 2, 2020

Will the typical college student ever experience a “normal” social life again? Last March when the announcement was made that we would be sent home for the remainder of the semester I myself experienced great sadness but I was also trying to remain positive and believe that this decision of being sent home was the right decision for the health and safety of everyone on campus. I also had no doubts that summer and our upcoming school year would be nothing but normal. 

For the typical student on campus, the social scene is much different than last year. Sophomore Alyssa Kolasa said, “there are rarely any off-campus parties. I mostly stay on campus and spend a lot of time hanging out with my roommates in our room.” Kolasa is also on the lacrosse team and is very close to her team but the social aspect and life on the field is also quite different. “Practices just started and the team is split up into pods. “ Each pod has six players in it and we must wear a mask and practice within our pods the whole time,” Kolasa said. “Homework takes up most of my time so it just works out that I am able to stay in my room and complete work with the good company of my roommates.” Kolasa also added. 

I myself have stayed home and completed classes virtually this semester and I am happy to be home with the company of my family and some of my friends that are also home but regardless of the social scenes at the Cabrini as long as students can socialize safely with their close friends it must definitely be nice to escape and get that college student feel back no matter what the circumstances are. 

Sophomore Sean Beers, who also lives on campus and is part of the Men’s lacrosse team said that he is experiencing a similar kind of social life on campus as Kolasa is. Beers says he tries to stay away from any event in which he knows large groups will be in attendance in order to keep himself healthy for the sake of himself and also his teammates. “It feels a lot quieter around campus. Many students are at home performing class virtually or simply just staying in their dorms for their own safety.” Beers explained that lacrosse practice begins Oct 7 and the team will also be practicing in small groups. 

Beers and Kolasa are both hoping for a normal season of lacrosse this spring, Both explained how they were both heartbroken after hearing that the season was canceled last spring and really created strong bonds with their teammates during fall ball and the offseason and are looking forward to playing and socializing with their teammates as they did last year. 

No matter what the social scene looks like Beers and Kolasa both explained that they are just grateful to be back on campus. “Nothing will be worse than last semester and I am thankful I have the opportunity to at least see my teammates and friends in person even if it’s from afar

The women’s lacrosse team at practice wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines. posted on the Cabrini woman’s lacrosse Instagram

or with a mask on as long as it is not through a computer screen or a zoom call,” Kolasa said.

Sara Horan

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