Students offered opportunity to study abroad

By Jeny Varughese
February 22, 2012

Cabrini offers a wide range of study abroad opportunities for students each semester. This semester an International Science and Politics in Society class is being offered to both science and non-science majors. This is the second semester the course is being offered to students and the application deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 29.

The International Science and Politics in Society course aims to provide scientific knowledge and focuses on real world application skills geared towards at societal impact. It is also targeting helping non-science majors connect science to their everyday life.

“Students interested in applying for this course must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA,” Dr. Shelby Hockenberry, assistant professor of history and political science, said in an email. “Students must also have their math requirements completed.”

This course is structured in two parts. For part one of the course, students will be meeting  twice a week to participate in discussions and laboratories. The classes will be structured with several reading assignments and frequent quizzes.  Also, the laboratory notebooks will be collected and graded several times during the course of the semester.

The second part of the course involves a seven-day study abroad trip to Switzerland.

“The study abroad portion of the class was one of the best experiences of my life,” Jeff Young, junior political science major, said,  “I really enjoyed Switzerland in particular. It is such a beautiful and clean country and everyone was so nice there. I strongly recommend anyone who needs a science class or can afford the cost of the trip to take this class.”

Students will have the opportunity to apply basic scientific knowledge they gain in the classroom setting and apply it to understand  how science relates to international politics and society.

Classroom discussions include, but are not limited to, the chemistry and ethical issues behind certain drugs, global impact of soil pollution and other global and ethical issues.

During the study abroad portion of the class, students will have the opportunity to take part in museum tours, visit historical sites which are relevant to the course, lectures given by experts in the field and international organizations and academic institution visits.

“Students will be expected to focus on the relationship between what they have learned in the classroom environment on campus to what they experience on the trip,” Hockenberry said.

For more information or to obtain an application form, contact Dr. Shelby Hockenberry at or Dr. Melinda Harrison at

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Jeny Varughese

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