Student, professor interactions increase with year

By Paul Williams
October 31, 2002

Students at Cabrini talking to professors outside of class about course material gradually becomes more common as the student progresses in years at Cabrini. However, working outside of class on a committee or group with a faculty member is not done by many students.

John Kardasis, a senior elementary education major, said. “I never spoke to professors outside of class during freshman year. As I continued my education at Cabrini, talking to professors became more comfortable.” Kardasis said that many of the education professors are easy to get a hold of outside of class. “William Kuhns gives out his home phone number to all of his students so it is easy to get a hold of him and other education professors,” Kardasis said.

Leslie Glavin, a junior graphic design major, said, ” I’ll be honest, I don’t do much out of class. I don’t work on any kind of groups at Cabrini. I sometimes talk to teachers outside of class, but it is more about how I am doing this year, rather than work that we discuss in class.” This statement figures into a poll taken by the “Chronicle of Higher Education.” The poll, which was administered to freshmen and seniors at colleges around the nation, found that, “Forty-five and a half percent of freshmen never talk to their teachers about readings or classes outside of class. When they reach senior level, 28.8 percent still never talk about their work with professors. 55.6 percent of seniors have never been involved with committees on campus.”

The results found were positive and negative. In general, small liberal-art colleges came out ahead in five areas, according to the national report. The report also found that students at larger universities are less involved in activities that promote cooperative learning.

Some feel that being a member of a committee at Cabrini would serve well; others do not. Teilhard Beauchesne, history and political science major, said, “I talk to my professors frequently outside of class about readings and course material. However, I would never associate myself with a committee at Cabrini.” He stated his reasons for this. Beauchesne said, “I do not belong to any clubs or organizations at Cabrini because the committees and organizations with students in them are the equivalent of a high school committee. For instance, look at the useless SGA. The President of SGA is like the president of a high school class. What have they done? I can’t tell you anything.”

Sarah Preston, a junior special education and elementary education major, said. “I have been involved with the faculty in groups and committees and have learned a lot. I am the president of the PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) on campus.

Margaret McGuiness, department chair of religious studies, said. “I see a good amount of students participating in activities outside of class. There could be more but I am happy with it. They are not always in organizations or classes because some students are in involved in sports, community service or other activities. Plus, the education majors have a lot to do with field experience and their course load.”

Danelle Kresssirer, a sophomore marketing major involved in campus ministry, said. “Working in an organization like that is hard to know about, because as a student you hear so little of it on campus. We are very uninformed about it.”

Katie Tiberio, a junior special education and elementary education major, said. “Since I am a commuter, I work outside of school and with field experience, I have no time to do any activities on Campus. I think that a lot of education majors have the same problem with the amount of work we have to do just for the major.”

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Paul Williams

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