Student honors one of our finest during sad times and bad news

By Christopher Leeds
September 15, 2006

Recently, fate has dealt one of Cabrini’s finest professors, Dr. Leonard Primiano, an incalculably cruel blow: a diagnosis of cancer.

We ask, “How could a vegan with impeccable health practices fall victim to illness, much less one as harrowing as cancer?”

While this question, among others, swells unanswered, we must continue to pray and believe in a man who has become the scholastic lifeblood of Cabrini.

Who is Dr. Primiano to all of us?

He is, variously, incredibly bold and stunningly intuitive- a breathtaking master of brinksmanship, a creative deliverer of the impossible and, above all, a remarkably gifted professor who places a premium on thinking adventurously.

Dr. Primiano is also a wonderful person to know- a man whose phenomenal dedication to both his students and his work reflect his historic charm.

With the support of the entire college community, I am beyond certain that he will soon return to where he belongs, to where he excels and to where he loves to be: the classroom.

Christopher Leeds

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