Student evaluations brings change to Family Weekend

By Latisha Johnson
September 30, 2004

Jenna Nash

This year, Cabrini has taken a new direction with the events being held on Family Weekend. In the past most events have been held on campus, however; this year, the City of Brotherly Love has become a retreat for Cabrini students and their families.

Jason Bozzone, Director of Student Activities, is eagerly waiting this year’s Family Weekend. “A lot of students and also family members have expressed that they wanted to do more things off campus. The two major things that we added to Family Weekend this year are the Philadelphia Philly’s game and the “Spirit of Philadelphia.” Bozzone said, “Based on evaluations, college students wanted to do more things off campus.”

The majority of students that attend family weekend are freshmen and their parents. This year more upperclassmen are expected to attend these events. Third year student, Diamond Jones, is energized about family weekend, said, “This will be my first family weekend, but from what I’ve heard there have been a lot of cool events in the past; I’m really looking forward to the animal show.” Bianca Clark, a sophomore, said she can’t wait to go on the Spirit of Philadelphia. “I’m just glad that Cabrini has decided to have more events off campus; there are so many more interesting things to do in Philadelphia”, Clark said.

There are also some events that were not returned to the schedule, such as the dinner and dance. “The dinner and dance did not have the expected turn out that the school was looking for,” Bozzone said. Many students were not upset at this but rather excited about the new direction that Cabrini is taking towards family weekend.

Michelle Phan, a junior, plans to bring her younger brother Matthew, a high school senior to family weekend. “Matt is interested in attending Cabrini College next fall and I am hoping that bringing him to family weekend will give him a feel of what the school is about,” Phan said. Phan is not the only Cabrini student doing this; there are many students who bring their siblings to family weekend who are interested in attending Cabrini. “Family weekend has a positive impact on high school students, who visit that weekend,” Bozzone said. Family Weekend begins on Friday Oct. 1. Tickets for the Philly’s game and the Spirit of Philadelphia need to be purchased ahead of time. You can purchase or reserve your tickets by contacting Student Activities.

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Latisha Johnson

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