Student disagrees about cars and the elderly

By defaultuser
December 4, 2003

I am sure that you are a person that does not care what people think when it comes to their opinion of you. But I do think that you should start doing more research for the articles that you put in the paper every week, like the article that appeared in last week’s paper about cars that have performance exhaust systems [“Elderly drivers cause much frustration”]. If you were to do just a little research you would find out that when you put a performance system on a car, it increases the gas mileage and adds horsepower to a car.
Over the summer, I found out that I had a hole in my exhaust. When I took it in to get it looked at the salesperson informed me that if I were to spend a little more money I would be able to get better gas mileage and horsepower.
Since I drive over a thousand miles to come to school here in Philadelphia I decided to put it on my car. Although I do realize that some people add these things to their car for looks, but they do serve other purposes. Also, the article in last week’s paper about elderly people was very offensive, not only to me, but I am sure it is to the family and friends of people that read the school paper every week. I know that your articles are supposed to show your views but I think that you could come up with a more tasteful way of doing it.

Paul Archambault

Posted to the Web by: Toccara Buckley

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