Student transfers to find lost love in her sport

By Michelle Guerin
May 3, 2018

At the start of any game, Dimmerling paces herself. Photo by Michelle Guerin.

Many situations can teach one how important it is to work hard.  Reflecting on this, Taylor Dimmerling, a freshman at Cabrini University studying exercise science, said, “Not everything is easily given. It has no value that way. You have to work hard for what you want.”

Dimmerling, from Reading, Pa., is a recent transfer from Temple University. 

“I realized that a big city school is not for me and I wanted a close-knit community closer to home,” Dimmerling said.

In Berks Catholic High School, Dimmerling was able to pick up not only lacrosse but basketball.  Currently, being on Cabrini’s team, Dimmerling has played for eight years. 

Getting in contact with Cabrini University’s women’s lacrosse coach Jackie Neary, Dimmerling decided to pick up the game she put aside after graduating high school. 

“Taylor earned her starting position by working hard and it also helps that she possesses a lot of talent on the lacrosse field,” Neary said.  “We are thrilled to have Taylor on our team; she has adjusted well to what we expect from our players and contributes each game.”

Her teammates have also seen her drive when she plays her favorite sport. Knowing the possible struggle Dimmerling may have felt joining mid-year, it was no problem.

“Taylor leads by example; she has excellent fitness so she pushes us in practice to keep up with her pace,” Liz Hoeffner, senior studying business management, said. “During games, I have seen Taylor exhausted from running the midfield but she never misses a beat.” 

Being positive in games can also be a struggle to many teammates but not Dimmerling.

“When Taylor is having a hard practice or game, she works through it and remains positive. I appreciate her attitude and work ethic on the field. She definitely elevates our team,” Hoeffner said.

Dimmerling’s parents have always stressed the importance of being positive and to keep her head up for every outcome.

“Taylor has always had a positive attitude when playing lacrosse,” Michele, Dimmerling’s mother, said.  “She is willing to take direction and realizes that there is always more to learn. Taylor really loves the structure and comradely of being on a team.  It helps her stay focused and be productive in school.” 

Staying positive is one of Dimmerling’s strategies. Photo by Michelle Guerin.

When she started to look at colleges, Dimmerling had no interest in playing lacrosse.

“When I looked at Cabrini, I saw their lacrosse program is well known and seemed like a lot of fun,” Dimmerling said.  “After talking with the coach, I realized how much I missed being on a team and wanted to play again. I’m so glad I made the decision to not only transfer, but play the sport I love.” 

Sports can teach athletes not only skills on the field but also in their day to day life. 

“Lacrosse has taught me a lot about leadership and working together as a team,” Dimmerling said.  “Being a captain on my high school team really allowed me to take responsibility for a team.”

Never looking at the negatives, Dimmerling also looks for ways to improve.

“Lacrosse has also taught me to turn failures into gains,” Dimmerling said.

Hoeffner sees more than just the hardworking drive in Dimmerling,

“Taylor is selfless, driven and smiley,” Hoeffner said. 

Dimmerling does not only think of herself on the team but the best for her teammates who became her friends. That driven attitude can be seen from afar.

“She is a very dedicated, determined and honest person,” Michele Dimmerling said.  “She fights hard for what she believes in and always gives 100 percent.” 

Teamwork does not come from one person.

“Taylor and I have spoken about playing on the club lacrosse team at her past school and she told me that the team lacked dedication,” Hoeffner said.  “From that, I knew that she was a driven individual that doesn’t just go through the motions. When Taylor does something, she gives it 100 percent effort.”

Positivity can not only be good for an individual but can change the surrounding people’s mood.

“I have never seen Taylor not smiling; she is absolutely one of the most cheerful [people] I have ever known,” Hoeffner said. “Whether it’s after a goal or walking through campus, Taylor is always smiling and making others smile.  She has such a refreshing personality!”

Every game, Dimmerling gets the most support from her parents as she is able to see her parents in the stands cheering.

“Not only are they supportive but they also drive me to become better in everything I do,” Dimmerling said.  “They come to almost all of my games and are cheering me on and off the field.”

When watching Dimmerling play lacrosse, everyone can see her dedication and hard work.

“We have always tried to support Taylor in all of her games,” Michele Dimmerling said.  “She has always been a fierce competitor; she works hard and plays hard.  This has not changed.” 

Working towards the CSAC championships, Dimmerling, and the team are ready to fight for the title.

“We have high hopes for her as we head into the end of April and beginning of May,” Neary said.

Michelle Guerin

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