Student makes organic soap to support horse rescue organization

By Kathryn Taylor
May 2, 2019

When we stepped out of the car onto her property in front of her big green roofed barn, we could hear the horses galloping, goats baahing and the chickens clucking. One student enjoys making soap and has been doing so for about year.

This student makes soap as a hobby but donates her proceeds towards an organization that is dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected horses that are also threatened with being slaughtered.  She has horses of her own, both of which were rescued. One of her horses was rescued after having acid splashed on it.  

She is passionate about raising awareness of the good that rescue organizations do for animals. Her main goal is not about being the best soap maker in the soap industry, but instead making sure her animals are safe and happy.

Her passion about her horses came from her inspiration, Sylvia Zerbini.  She looks up to her because she goes against the flow of how people treat animals. Sylvia Zerbini is known for her Grande Liberte performances where she “demonstrates her amazing communication and partnering with up to 16 horses.”

Her soap products are vegan, organic and all natural. There are different processes by which one can make soap.  Brooke makes each soap bar individually based since they are made in small batches and handmade. She creates different products using different molds and bases.

Homemade soap

The bases can take up to a couple weeks for them to be heated up in a microwave. After the bases are ready she adds in an essential oil of her choosing for a fresh scent. She then adds in her different powders for coloring.

“I never would have thought that I would be making soap, creating my own company, making my own logos or making my own packaging. I just never thought this was a possibility for me,” she said. 

Her passion for rescuing animals, specifically horses, has grown into her wanting to open a rescue sanctuary of her own one day.  

“I think if you’re passionate about something, you should start it and eventually you’ll be successful.”


Kathryn Taylor

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