Stop the germs,wash your hands

By Staff Writer
January 31, 2002

Basic hygienic routines should be a quality of every person in the world with the exception of those who do not receive running water or have religious practices that prohibit bathing.

However, since this is not usually the case, it is beyond me to comprehend why there are so many women in the Delaware Valley and on Cabrini’s campus who refuse to wash their hands after “utilizing the facilities.”

There have been countless times when I have been in a women’s restroom, at the sink, washing my own hands and have witnessed a woman walk out of a stall, stand in the mirror to fix her hair and makeup and then exit the restroom, leaving their germs on the door handle to contaminate the next person.

It disgusts me that I have seen this habit here on campus almost daily for the past two years.

I came to this college expecting to surround myself with a class of people who are bright enough to seek a higher education yet I find people who prefer to spread their germs to the entire campus.

According to the National Resource Center for Respite and Crisis Care Services, the single most important way to prevent infection and the spread of disease is frequent HAND WASHING.

So ladies, even if you only enter a stall to adjust you pantyhose, you must realize that you have still touched the door handle and lock that someone else who may have actually used the bathroom has touched.

Therefore you now have their germs, which you need to remove with two simple things – soap and water.

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Staff Writer

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