Stop bashing Bush

By Domenique Pinho
October 7, 2004

Newspapers, magazines, TV shows, commercials and even movies have all degraded themselves greatly in the past year by ridiculing their President, George W. Bush.

Why do the mostly liberally based media feel as if they must promote someone the know nothing about, that being John Kerry. I find it extremely amusing that the people, who are voting for Kerry, are doing nothing but bashing Bush. In other words, they never really speak of what Kerry would do for our country, but rather they speak on the assumingly bad things Bush has done. Last time I checked being over-precautious was never related to as a “bad thing” but more of a comforting action for who Bush cares about, America.

Young people across America have finally come to realize in this election that voting is important. Whoever you vote for, please follow up on what they say they are going to do and change about our country.

Although people feel as if Bush didn’t do the best job while in office, keep in mind, he has been in the middle of one of the biggest state of turmoil in the history of America.

It isn’t that Kerry would be a terrible president; I just believe he would be not suited for this period in time. If Kerry believes he can suddenly bring troops out of Iraq he is wrong. We can not fight a sensitive war. We need a president that knows what he wants, and is determined to finish what he started, that’s why Bush is the ticket.

I remember a time not long ago, when people put faith in our government and let their hopes and ambitions lie within one man. This time in history is known as 9/11. It’s not that I am trying to persuade you into voting for Bush, because I believe everyone is entitled in their own opinion. What I wish for the youth of America, and students at Cabrini College, is that you follow up the nomination you wish to vote for, and don’t just vote for your party because you are opposed to the other. Not only does this say much about you as a person, nevertheless it brings on the impression that the person you are voting for is your last resort. If you do anything for yourself this November, vote smart, read up on what your future anticipated president can do for our country.

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Domenique Pinho

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