Stimulus bill: pro-American dream

By Amanda Carson
February 26, 2009

Shannon Keough

Let’s imagine for a moment that I personified the proposed stimulus bill in human form and named him Mr. Aid. I know it’s not a very clever name.

If I were to compose a simple character sketch of Mr. Aid, I would describe him as being fickle, bold and completely hard to understand. I would probably not only refer to him as “quite the extremist” but as “America’s saving grace.”

I’m sure many would agree that Mr. Aid’s character sketch accurately describes our nation’s most prominent bill at this time. Sorry for including the literary element of personification, but constructing a character sketch of an inanimate object just seemed irrational.

Fickle and completely hard to understand sum up my personal feelings about the proposed stimulus bill, I mean “Mr. Aid.”

During the past couple of weeks, as governmental heads have sought to plan out the specifics for a stimulus bill, I attempted to track their progress. I add emphasis on the fact that I attempted to track their progress, for it seemed each day yielded a new proposed bill. Thus, I was relieved when Obama finally signed the $787 billion stimulus bill into action.

When I heard about the $787 billion stimulus bill, I immediately began researching the specifics. I spent much time reading newspaper articles and opinion pieces, seeking to both understand the bill and formulate an opinion.

Here is what I identified as the main aspects of the bill: it will save and create 3.5 million jobs, provide tax relief for “hardworking families,” work towards energy independence and improve both our transit and school system. Obviously, it is a lot more comprehensive than that, but I summed up the basics. Of course after identifying the main points I was left with questions and critiques for the bill. I now wonder if we can create four million jobs, and will the jobs fit one’s specialties?

I question what the government considers “hardworking families,” because I do not believe income should determine how hard one works. I am also unsure as to whether improving our transit and school systems, which have been craving improvement, through the stimulus bill is the best means. It almost seems that the government is trying to kill two national problems with $1 billion.

Putting all these thoughts and questions aside, I have formulated my opinion on the bill. I’m neither for nor against the bill, but I do favor what the bill represents.

The $787 billion stimulus bill represents the American dream, and I do not mean the stereotypical “American dream” in a Great Gatsby kind of way-finding a girl, get hitched, make lots of money and buy a big white house.

I am talking about the desire within each of us to want to succeed, overcoming all obstacles and negativity, in order to fulfill our own personal goals.

Obviously, our economic situation is harrowing and unsettling. I have watched one of my closest friends constantly worry about whether he will be able to afford finishing college, despite his high academic achievement and dedication. I heard of my grandfather’s worry, who as the son of an Italian immigrant, has struggled to achieve stability, wondering how he will be able to afford his bills.

We are all Americans and have been blessed with freedom and opportunity and should continue to reap of these blessings. The stimulus bill may not be 100 percent effective, but it was created with the intent of strengthening the economy preserving everyone’s American dream, especially my friend’s and grandfather’s. So, when asked about my views on the stimulus bill all I can simply say is that I am pro-American dream.

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Amanda Carson

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