Steps to start the semester right

By Hannah Poggi
October 2, 2022

Marisa Canuso zones in to study. Photo by Hannah Poggi.
Marisa Canuso zones in to study. Photo by Hannah Poggi.

Getting back into the swing of things may be tough for students as they are coming back from a relaxing summer break. But what exactly does it take for a Cavalier to start their semester right?

Students prepare to study again. Photo by Hannah Poggi.

Juliana Wible, a junior education major, and Marisa Canuso, a junior special education major, describe how they take care and stay productive while jumping back into their studies.

“I personally need to get a lot of rest and make sure I’m getting all my work done on time and make sure I stay on top of due dates for my assignments,” Wible said. 

Sleep: is it really that important? 

Sleep can be a vital factor for many when it comes to getting your body and mind in the right state in order to have full attention in class. Wible also notes the importance of meeting deadlines to help her start the semester on the right foot. 

Canuso has a similar routine. “I like getting organized and writing everything down on a calendar to be on track of what I need to complete. I check Cabrini Learn daily and jot down what has to be done so I can manage my time during the school week,” she said. 

As Wible and Canuso know, organization, time management and the emphasis on meeting course deadlines are key for entering the start of the semester.

Cabrini students give their advice

“Something I learned quickly from past experiences is to find a comfortable environment to study in so you can be free from distraction. When I was doing homework in a messy and noisy place, I wasn’t able to concentrate as well as I wanted,” Wible said

Important steps for the start of the semester. Photo by Hannah Poggi.

Students may find that working in a peaceful and quiet environment eliminates the urge to procrastinate and miss finishing work on time. It could also help with the quality of work that is being done. 

Canuso said, “Connecting with my classmates and professors helped me a lot with getting myself adjusted to the start of the semester. I also wouldn’t wait to ask questions. If there’s something you don’t understand, it’s better you find out sooner than later.”

Canuso reiterates the need to build relationships with peers and professors and get in the habit of asking questions.

Speaking of asking questions, there are many resources on campus that students can lean on when they need academic assistance. Some of those resources include the Center for Student Success, Math Resource Center, Writing Center, and the Accessibility Resource Center.

“The beginning of a semester isn’t as scary as it seems,” Canuso said. It certainly helps to take Wible and Canuso’s advice to prepare mentally and physically for a successful semester.

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