Steph Heinz, unsung hero

By Jana Fagotti
April 10, 2003

Harold William Halbert

On an unexpectedly wintery day in April, junior Steph Heinz sits behind the switchboard of 89.1 f.m. The Burn, professing the probable cancellation of the women’s lacrosse game on Monday, April 7 against Rosemont. Heinz, who plays defense and mid-field for the team, is still in disbelief that there is snow on the ground in April.

Women’s lacrosse had a recent victory on Saturday, April 5, when they defeated Villa Julie 15-8. This was the lacrosse team’s first non-PAC win for the season and lends a hopeful outlook toward a future Pennsylvania Athletic Conference title for the year.

Coach Jackie Neary said, “The team is moving along at the right pace to defend the conference title.

Jana Fagotti

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