Stellar freshman year

By Alyssa Davies
April 16, 2009

Shannon Keough

When I first pulled up and saw that stone sign and the huge brass gates, a feeling of excitement ran through me. I’m finally in college!

My family and I slowly drove up the long driveway into what seemed like an invisible little community surrounded by vibrant colors of green, red and yellow. The trees were in full blossom and the campus was booming with people all around.

I’ll never forget that first day of orientation, it was the first time I was really excited to be here at Cabrini. Ever since then, it’s been nothing short of amazing with the new experiences and different faces. I’m excited to see what the rest of my years have in store for me.

There were a few reasons why I chose to attend Cabrini College. I loved the fact that it was small and less intimidating as other schools.

Here, I’m a name and not just another number. My class sizes are small, allowing the teacher to focus on a smaller number of students. Professors have more time to pay attention to you individually, which really helped me when I was struggling with anything.

Another reason I found Cabrini perfect for me, was because I could still drive home to visit my family whenever I wanted. It’s comforting when you just need a break from things or just want to visit family.

Cabrini prides itself on the slogan, “Do something extraordinary.” With the programs here, you really can do something extraordinary.

As a freshman communication major, I immediately got involved with my major and opportunities that were given to me.

I already have my own radio show and I’ve had the privilege of interviewing people from all around the world on live Internet chats. The opportunities you get here are truly unlike anywhere else.

As a freshman, you should expect to meet some good friends and have a good time. Professors are all very understanding and class for the most part is a lot of fun. There will be a lot of opportunities given to you and I must stress that you never turn them down.

I’ve gotten involved in many projects and now I’m close with many seniors and professors who have opened doors for me. I’ve grown a lot here at Cabrini and I know that anyone who chooses to come here next year will do the same.

It really is our time to do something extraordinary and we shouldn’t waste a second of it.

Cabrini College is a beautiful campus exploding with activities. My freshman year so far has been more than I expected and I’m excited for the future. I hope that incoming first-year students will have the same experiences that I’ve had. I know that they will fall in love with Cabrini just as I have.

Alyssa Davies

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