Stay wide AWAKE

By Jana Fagotti
April 3, 2003

Tired? Rundown? Stressed out? There is a solution, folks, and, today, I am here to tell you just what it will take to keep you bright-eyed and bushytailed for the next eight weeks of classes. This remedy has been proven effective since 1997 and can be yours for free. “What is it,” you ask. AWAKE, a band. Yes, music can actually get you through it all. Don’t believe me? Let’s ask Joe.

Scene: Drexel Hill, Pa, 1997. Joe Gallo, Mike Myers and Mike O’Brien were high school students who played together for fun. Joe played bass, O’Brien was on lead vocals, and Myers was on guitar.

“We just started playing together, writing stuff for the fun of it, and really just messing around,” Gallo said.

But, as time went on Gallo, Myers and O’Brien realized that what they were writing was more than just “messing around” and they began taking it more seriously. Chris Stackhouse was soon added to band as the second guitarist in January of 2001. Scott Gaydos soon followed as the drummer added that same summer.

Gallo admits that the band is hard to classify. “All of our songs are very intense, melodic, catchy, and different,” Gallo said.

Bands such as Alice in Chains, Tool, and Dream Theater originally inspired the band. AWAKE feels that they, too, can make it to the top and feel that they possess the talent and desire to do just so.

“We also know how tricky the music business can be,” Gallo said. “So for now we are focused on smaller goals, which are just to play as many shows as possible, get as many people hooked as we can, and use any money we make to record a new CD.”

Do not fret folks, AWAKE is music for anyone, any age, anytime.”All of our stuff is pretty easy to listen to, and we have a very wide fan base as well, old people, young people, and everyone in between,” Gallo said.

Gallo admits that the band does not have a particular ‘message’ that their music send out but just a concept that encourages taking out of their music “whatever you can.”

“A lot of our songs are about just dealing with life, people, situations, that everyone comes across and just conveying feeling and energy and emotion through music,” Gallo said.

There you have it, folks, a simple and easy solution for college survival. A band guaranteed to keep you wide: AWAKE.

posted to the web by Alaina Robinson

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Jana Fagotti

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