Spring semester’s new courses

By Ryan Norris
November 21, 2002

There are three new courses being offered this spring, and as of Thursday, Nov. 14, students have signed up for them.

Sociology of Happiness, which is an honors seminar 300 course, is being taught by Dr. McKinley. This course will count as an individual in society course, and it will examine the relative value of both individual and institutional factors in the creation and maintenance of human happiness.

Various definitions of happiness will be examined with particular attention to the historical and cultural that impact the way we come to see happiness. Contemporary literature of the social sciences will be examined to establish the validity and reliability of those claims to measuring happiness. The impact of culture, gender, age, income, education and religion, all will be assessed in determining the influencing factors of happiness.

Festive Drama, which is also an honors seminar 300 is being taught by Dr. McCormick. This course will count as an aesthetic course. It will cover the nature and function of festive celebrations and rituals that have been performed at all times and in all places. This course will explore the many connected relations of these celebratory dramas. It also examines a wide array of festive drama performances and will include some field work.

History of Modern Middle East, which is History 269 for the Spring semester, is being taught by Jeremy Rich. This course will explore the roots of violence, religious revival and political upheaval in the Middle East from 1800 to present. Issues covered will include the rise of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ties between the United States with the region, the history of modern Iraq, changing understandings of Islam in the 19th and 20th centuries, the birth of feminism in the Middle East and the rise of authoritarian regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere.

Also new this spring are affiliations with Southeastern Penn-sylvania Consortium for Higher Education. In addition to the existing agreements with Eastern College and Valley Forge Junior College, Cabrini College has entered into an agreement with the colleges of the SEPCHE. This agreement is very similar to the existing agreements.

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Ryan Norris

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