Spring break: grab these gadgets and go

By Christina Michaluk
February 28, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

It’s that time of year again, where college students finally get a break from their studies. Spring break is almost upon us.

Every student has certain gadgets they cannot live without.

“I extensively use my phone and laptop everyday,” James Tsao, a freshman biology major, said.

Before heading on that perfect trip there are a few gadgets that students should consider bringing along.

Taking a road trip? A navigation system will help you get to your final destination without any unwanted detours.

A navigation system can be an addition to make the trip a little less chaotic. The system will be a new-found friend that can serve as a tour guide.

A portable DVD player can be useful if you are traveling far distances.

It can be something entertaining to have for either a long flight or something to do in the car as long as you aren’t the one who is driving.

“I’ll be in Italy over spring break so my portable DVD player and iPod are essential for my long plane ride, but besides that I will just be enjoying the beautiful scenery and the culture with my digital camera,” Elissa Salantri, junior business major, said.

For students who are traveling outside of the country don’t forget to bring an outlet converter for all of the electrical items. Without it electrical cords won’t fit into the socket.

A transformer to change the voltage shouldn’t be necessary. Most electronic devices will reset to the proper voltage, but an outlet converter is crucial.

Don’t forget to pack an iPod. It can give you something to listen to whether you are lounging around being lazy on the beach, on a plane or driving to your destination.

Another gadget that can be very helpful for your trip is the new otterbox for iPods. An otterbox protects your iPod from water damage. Now there is no limit to where an iPod can go. Take it in the ocean or in the pool.

No matter where the destination is, a digital camera is an essential gadget to have to capture all your spring break memories.

Make sure that the camera is charged and you have plenty of batteries and an extra memory card.

Want a camera that can be a part of all the underwater fun?

The Olympus Stylus 720 SW is a camera that allows you to go as deep as 10 feet in the water. Now it’s even easier to take tons of pictures no matter where you are.

Another gadget to consider is a portable photo printer. You an can be keep it in the room. It’s light and easy to be carried.

If there are pictures that need to be printed immediately there is a convenient printer at your disposal.

With all of these exciting gadgets there is no limit to the fun you can have while you are away this spring break.

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Christina Michaluk

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