Sophomore leader juggles accounting, basketball

By Jenay Smith
December 6, 2011

Fran Rafferty is a sophomore forward on the men's basketball team. -- Jenay Smith / Photo Editor

Steaks, “Call of Duty,” starbursts, baseball and dinner rolls at Thanksgiving are some of the many things Fran Rafferty, sophomore accounting major, enjoys besides basketball.

Though Rafferty is a well-respected forward on the men’s basketball team, a big part of him loves baseball. Rafferty even described himself as being a “baseball fanatic.”

“I’ve always had the itch to get back to playing,” Rafferty said. “Now that I’m out of high school, there’s not really a team here at Cabrini that I can try out for.”

During the summer between his freshman and sophomore years in high school, Rafferty had his growth spurt. He was suddenly 6 feet 4 inches tall and baseball didn’t seem like an option anymore. From there, Rafferty decided to start playing basketball. As a basketball player, Rafferty is a leader for the Cavaliers.

“He’s not going to be a leader verbally but he’s going to do it by example and I respect that about him,” Goran Dulac, junior center, said. “You can’t find that many people to do that.”

Rafferty is a personable and modest guy. He doesn’t boast about his talent but instead asks his older peers for advice.

Junior forward Tim Sayles, one of Rafferty’s teammates, doesn’t feel that Rafferty needs any pointers. “Mr. Rafferty,” as Sayles sometimes calls Rafferty, is already a chief on the court.

“He’s a great leader,” Sayles said. “He’s one of our captains. He knows what needs to get done on the court and how it needs to get done.”

Rafferty is about the team and helping the team reach the next step.

“He’s definitely a pass-first guy,” Sayles said. “He’s not always looking for his own shot.”

Rafferty is not only a basketball player but also a business man. He’s the treasurer of the accounting association and a member of SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise).

“It’s not mandatory that we jump into it but we get involved and we do our best with each project that’s given to us,” Rafferty said.

Rafferty wants to be a part of the accounting field when he graduates.

“I might not be able to be a high-end accountant right away but I definitely want to work my way up to see how high I can get,” Rafferty said. However, accounting is not the only thing that Rafferty wants to be a part of.

“I also really want to give back to where I grew up and maybe have a summer basketball camp,” Rafferty said. Rafferty’s older brother Matt also played basketball and now coaches at Pope John Paul II High School in Royersford, Pa. Rafferty feels that he and his brother have a lot to offer to young kids.

Apart from giving back to the community, Rafferty also has a couple best friends that he remains close to. Even though there is a great distance between some of his friends, that never keeps them away.

“We all kind of grew up right off the same street in our neighborhood, so we’re pretty close to each other,” Rafferty said. “I always make sure I see them, even if I get the short breaks like Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I make sure I see them one or two times.”

One of his close friends, Tim Gallagher, grew up around the corner from him and used to attend Cabrini. He was one of the reasons why Rafferty decided to come to Cabrini. Rafferty also looks at his father as someone who inspires him.

“He’s just a great overall figure in my life,” Rafferty said. “He’s my dad, so he’s always going to be there for me no matter what.”

Rafferty’s dad also knows how to show a little tough love but, at the same time, he shows Rafferty the love and support a son always appreciates from a father.

“And he’s always going to be the one to be on you if you have a rough game,” Rafferty said. “You know he’s always going to say ‘You know there’s always tomorrow. You can get up, you can get better.’ I’m grateful to have someone like that to help me out throughout my life,” Rafferty said.

“I kind of look up to him as well,” Dulac said. “Not because of his game but the way he approaches things. He’s one of the guys that’s always going to be there, show up, give a 100 percent effort and be a leader.”

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Jenay Smith

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