Become a Cabrini student-athlete, gain life-long friendships, memories

By Robert Riches
April 10, 2012

One of the many ways that one can get involved on campus is through the college’s 16 athletic teams.

Cavalier sports teams have been relatively successful for the past several seasons, with teams such as women’s soccer and men’s basketball advancing to their respective NCAA Division III tournaments.

“There are several benefits. The first one that comes to mind is the camaraderie that a student gets with being part of a team,” Brian Beacham, assistant athletic director, said. “I think that really helps the transition if you’re coming from high school or if you’re just going from sophomore year into junior year, it helps with getting through college.”

The bond between teammates is truly a special one and it can lead to life-long friendships.

“Those relationships that you build and the experiences that you go through definitely will help a student-athlete down the road,” Beacham said. “That’s the goal down here.”

Before working with the Cavaliers, Beacham also had the opportunity to work with high-profile Division I schools such as Syracuse University and Temple University. Moving to a smaller school is an interesting transition but Beacham finds that there are some advantages.

Senior Sammy Thompson (No. 10) is a two-sport student-athlete at Cabrini College. Thompson plays soccer in the fall and softball in the spring. She ranked second on the women’s soccer team with 16 points and is currently hitting .425 for the women’s softball team. -- Sean Collins / Staff Writer

“It’s a challenge, especially in the Philadelphia area. It’s a difficult thing for the Division III’s to get the attention that they deserve,” Beacham said. “When this opportunity at Cabrini came up and I was lucky enough to get it, I learned quickly that Division III is a lot more in line with what I believe in. It’s a smaller department and you make so many more connections with the full-time staff, coaches and student-athletes.”

While getting attention may be a difficult task for a Division III school, it has not stopped the men’s basketball team. Michael Barkann and Ike Reese recently discussed the team on their midday show on 94 WIP and KYW Newsradio 1060’s Matt Leon interviewed head coach Marcus Kahn and senior guard Cory Lemons prior to the NCAA Division III Tournament.

In addition to the Greater Philadelphia area, recruits have come from places such as Maryland, New York, Virginia, California and other states to play for successful coaches such as Kahn, men’s lacrosse coach Steve Colfer, women’s lacrosse/field hockey coach Jackie Neary and several others.

“One of the things that they’ve done for a number of years is win. They’ve built a strong reputation for their programs,” Beacham said. “Another thing that Jackie and Steve do well is just the personal connection that they make not only with the student in high school but also with the parents. That helps with the recruiting process and puts the parent at ease.”

One challenge that the student-athlete may face is balancing their sport with classwork and a social life. Balancing may appear to be a Herculean task but there are some tips to get through it.

“The coaches here demand time management from the athletes, the professors and faculty demand a lot from the athletes,” Beacham said. “You’re going to have a lot thrown at you quickly and time management is an important piece to making sure everything works together.”

While playing a sport in college is not easy by any means, it has many benefits and teaches lessons that will help students later on in life.

“One of our biggest things here in athletics is character development,” Beacham said. “You’re going to go through things as a student-athlete that are going to help you.”

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Robert Riches

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