Spoon’s ‘Gimme Fiction’ set to be released soon

By Christine Ernest
April 14, 2005

Texas indie rockers Spoon are still going strong since their start in 1994. With influences ranging from The Pixies to Pavement, they have had numerous critically acclaimed albums, EPs and a handful of 7-inches released thus far in their career.

Now, Spoon is set to release yet another album entitled “Gimme Fiction” (Merge Records) on May 10, 2005. Even though it has only been a few years since the highly successful album, “Kill the Moonlight,” was released in 2002, Spoon has created another masterpiece expanding their creativity and song-writing finesse.

The standout track, “I Turn My Camera On,” features an energetic, pulsing guitar over a simple drumbeat that carries the song from beginning to end. With lyrics such as, “I turn my feelings off/ you made me untouchable for life,” one starts to realize the many layers that form this carefree yet fervent masterpiece.

One of their more upbeat-sounding tracks, “Sister Jack,” highlights the happy-go-lucky side of Spoon. Along with a catchy chorus and handclaps in tow, the listener cannot help but feel happy as a leaf, carelessly blown through the air by a summer’s breeze. One can put “Gimme Fiction” in, push play and let Spoon take him or her back to those moments right before the alarm clock jars them awake in the morning; Spoon makes everything seem right in the world.

With a sparse guitar line for most of the song, a steady drum beat and random other sound effects, Spoon proves that less can definitely prove to be more on the track, “Was It You?” Even in Spoon’s simplicity, singer Britt Daniel’s voice floats over the instrumentals in such a poignant way that the listener cannot help but to be drawn to his soulful lyrics.

Just as with wine, Spoon got better with age. One would enjoy a glass of wine that had only aged one year just as one would enjoy Spoon back in 1994 with their 7-inch release of “Nefarious.” Both would provide entertainment, yet it is the aged wine that is the best for it has the most invigorating taste. Yes, Spoon can definitely be declared one of the forefront runners of a modern-day Bordeaux.

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Christine Ernest

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