Spooky attractions to visit during Halloween weekend

By Joe DeMarzio
October 29, 2009

Lauren Sliva

Every year, thousands of south Jersey locals gather together to celebrate one tradition; Mullica Hill Township’s “Night of Terror” brings fear to both returning and new visitors. By day it’s a farm, corn-maze and pumpkin patch, known as Creamy Acres.

The farm was started in 1967, but it turned into a haunted attraction in 1995 and has remained a hit ever since.

The location is prominent. It is close enough for Pennsylvanians to travel to and it is the only haunted attraction in southern NJ. With all its success in 2008, it all paid off when it added a $250,000 investment to the three existing attractions and then added three more.

The best part about the whole experience is that there is only one line and each attraction leads to the next one.

You start off at the haunted hayride where you take a 15-minute ride into the depths of your childhood fears, and when it’s over that is when the real show begins. They drop you off at the dreaded cornfield maze where scarecrows roam. You have to find your way back with people jumping out all the way until you find your way out. Wear old shoes because you will be running from them up until you exit the maze.

Experience the perfect storm in the next chapter of your thrill ride in the Frozen Tundra. It is a giant iceberg at the end of the corn field, however the white out ends when you step into the Mayhem of Darkness. You step into pure darkness, while you walk into spider webs and the sounds of screams and chainsaws fill your ears. When you finish those, you put on 3D goggles and get ready for the journey. With clowns and 3D pictures popping out of the walls, the excitement is always at a maximum. Your last stop on your trip to fear is the Pirates Revenge Haunted House, the oldest and perhaps most frightening attraction of them all.

Megan Egbert, 19-year old resident of Logan Township N.J., said, “My experience at Creamy Acres ‘Night of Terror’ was really fun. It is a great place to come with your friends in October and practically the best haunted attraction I have ever been to. It is pretty much tradition for all the locals to come here every year around Halloween.”

A lot of people must agree, because “Night of Terror” was awarded “Best Haunted Attraction” among people’s choice. Go to their Web site, nightofterror.com and enter your name to win exclusive VIP tickets to the attractions. Drawings are pulled at random every Thursday morning.

The place is also a favorite to parents because although they encourage you to be older than 13 years. The whole farm is protected by on-duty uniformed police officers for the safety of the patrons. Also, the parking is free, unlike most of the other haunted attractions in the area.

If it rains, the fun still isn’t over and the tickets do not expire. For every attraction that you go to, your ticket gets punched, and as long as your ticket is not punched then you can save that attraction for another night.

All the on-site staff are professionally instructed actors, skilled to aid you in your fear.

Christian Nunan, sophomore math major, said, “I live in South Jersey and every year Creamy Acres just gets better and better and they add a new attraction every time I go.”

Every Thursday and Saturday night, the event is hosted by WMMR Philadelphia’s Top 40 radio station, Wired 96.5. For your seasonal fun, check out “Night of Terror” from Monday through Saturday and until Halloween night.

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Joe DeMarzio

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