Spill Canvas does fine with third album

By Jamie Hufnagle
March 27, 2008

Warner Music Group

“No Really, I’m fine” is the third album released by The Spill Canvas and conquers the music scene with powerful lyrics and original elements that only this band can deliver.

After releasing their first album in 2004, founding member Nick Thomas added a full band behind him to advance his already established sound. “No Really, I’m fine” follows the band’s previous album release of “One Fell Swoop” in 2005. The Spill Canvas proves they have the talent to take a step forward and make their presence known in the world of music.

“Reckless Abandonment” sets the bar high by opening the album and leads to the breakout single “All Over You.” The steady rock beat starting the song leads to a chorus that has perfectly placed lyrical hooks. The repetition of the line “I’m all over you, I’m not over you” causes you to sing the song long after the album has stopped spinning.

The powerful, heartfelt lyrics on this album are not to be overlooked and Thomas’ vocals produce a defiant sound unlike any other. The lyrics on this album reach far beyond being typical into an emotional realm that is unique in the music industry today.

“Connect The Dots” takes on a slow, seductive persona that gives it a distinct sound, setting it apart from the rest of the tracks on the album. Thomas’ breathy vocals take center stage, while the lyrics “Don’t you just love the feeling of my fingertips circling your lips” are repeated throughout the song.

The tempo instantly picks up with the next track “Bleed, Everyone’s Doing It,” further establishing the unpredictability of this rare talent. “Appreciation and the Bomb” follows close behind, displaying a unique appeal with lyrics like “.But we try so hard not to die, Sometimes we forget to appreciate life.”

This album also presents collaborations with other big names that fans of The Spill Canvas would most likely recognize instantly. “Saved” features Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate while “Bleed, Everyone’s Doing It” features Anthony Green of Circa Survive.

“Lullaby” is arguably the most romantic track off of the album and the perfect way to leave a lasting impression on fans already awaiting the next album release. The originality of the lyrics makes this a love song any girl would be crazy to resist. The chorus echoes the lyrics “Rest assured if you start to doze, Then I’ll tuck you in, Plant my lips where your necklace is closed” while Thomas’ vocals deliver the pure emotion behind each and every word.

The Spill Canvas has left their mark with this unique blend of originality and raw talent. This album takes fans on a journey of love and desperation as if they were actually by Thomas’ side through every minute of it. Setting the bar so high can only leave fans to anticipate the material this phenomenal band will produce in the future. Until then, no really, we’re fine.

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Jamie Hufnagle

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