Special K Bars impress taste buds and help cut calories

By Jillian Smith
October 6, 2006

Looking for something tasty, yet healthy to eat? At 90 calories per bar, Kellogg’s Special K Bars are a hit on Cabrini’s campus. According to the box, the Kellogg’s Special K Bars are “a blend of wholesome rice and wheat flakes topped with a drizzle of lightly sweetened toppings.”

Around campus, students tried either one of the blueberry, chocolate drizzle or vanilla crisp flavored bars. However, Kellogg’s Special K Bars come in three other flavors: cranberry apple, peaches and berry and strawberry. Amanda Degan, a sophomore psychology major, was impressed by the “different options” that the Kellogg’s brand had, and that it wasn’t just one plain flavor.

With only 90 calories, these bars seem like the perfect health food snack. Laura Sauerteig, a sophomore elementary and early childhood education major, said, “They’re low in calories, yet they fill you up!”

Most students who tried the Kellogg’s Special K Bars were skeptical at first, but after they tried them, they were pleasantly surprised by the end result. “Though nutritious, a delightful surprise to the taste buds” said Julie Miller, a sophomore elementary education major, said, “I would recommend these to a health nut and a couch potato.chip!”

Each student was asked to try one of the three samples. Out of all three samples, chocolate drizzle was by far the favorite. Freshman undeclared major Emily Madera was surprised that they weren’t “too chocolately.”

Kara Schneider, a sophomore English and communication major, said, “The chocolate bar tastes like a cookie, but a healthy cookie!”

Blueberry bars were second in the students’ favorites, most agreeing with sophomore English and communication major Mike O’Rourke that the bars “actually taste like blueberries!”

“Out of all three, the blueberry bar was the best,” Hector DeArce, a freshman pre-nursing major, said.

Most students didn’t want to try the vanilla crisp flavor. “Most vanilla flavor products don’t interest the younger, college crowd,” Michele Joy Fitzgerald, a sophomore early and elementary education major, said. “I think of it as a more adult appealing flavor.”

Michael Balka, sophomore English and communication major, was witty with his response. He said “vanilla is horrible,” but had a huge smile on his face, and then grabbed another bar.

After tasting the bar, most students agreed with Tara Robertson, a freshman English and communication major, said, “the bars taste just like candy!” Some students also stated that the bars taste just like Rice Krispies Treats.

Most students agreed that these bars tasted similarly to the breakfast bars and cereal bars that are out on the market now. Cabrini students also said that they were much better than regular granola bars. Renee Roff, a sophomore elementary and special education major, said, “These bars are lighter and not as chewy as other granola bars.”

Out of all the students asked in East Residence Hall, only two students complained of the taste of this healthy snack. Greg Matzarazzo, sophomore biology major, said that the chocolate drizzle Special K Bar “tastes like crap and marshmallows.” However, after trying the blueberry Special K Bar, his perception changed, saying that he liked the blueberry, not the chocolate.

Rober Kallwass, a freshman English and communications major said, “The vanilla flavor isn’t very good.”

Students really liked the fact that the bars were so good and easy to throw in a backpack before class. “I think these Special K Bars are fantastic,” Angela Savasta, a sophomore English and communication major, said, “I would grab these on the go, or while I’m going to class.”

Dina DiTaranato, a sophomore studio art major, said, “I don’t feel bad for eating it!” And most students agreed with her. Like Sarah Egan, a sophomore elementary education major, who said, “it doesn’t taste like health food!”

Daniella Rende, a sophomore elementary education major, said, “I feel healthy and it covers my sweet tooth.” Most students said they would choose these over other fatty, junk foods that they had in their dorm rooms.

The Kellogg’s Special K Bars were such a hit on campus that most students agreed with sophomore biotechnology major Laura Goodfield. “I’d probably go buy them now,” she said.

At Acme, the Special K bars are $2.79, and at that price, any student can go pick up a box or two.

At 90 calories, the Kellogg’s Special K Bars are a great and healthy treat to have for breakfast or anytime on the run. Dan Baron, a freshman undeclared major, said it best, with his mouth full, a quirky smile and two thumbs up. These bars truly are a scrumptious treat on campus.

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Jillian Smith

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