Legendary Eagles quarterback to launch sports com minor speaker series

By Kevin McLaughlin
February 9, 2021

Cabrini University is scheduled to welcome Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame quarterback Ron Jaworski to speak on behalf of the newly added sports communication minor. On Wednesday, Feb. 10, the event will take place via Zoom from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 

Students who attend the event will gain more knowledge of the sports field and to hear from professionals’ real life experience in the industry.

I am committed to integrating the key colleagues I have interacted with through the years in sports, into our Cabrini courses,” sports communication instructor Lou Tilley said. “Ron, who I once covered at the end of his playing career, and have since teamed with in broadcasting and in the business of pro sports, covers all bases for our Cabrini BAM family. His personal experiences and willingness to share will be a great way to kick start our new program.”

Jaworski, former Pro Bowl Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, has remained heavily involved with sports since retiring from the NFL in 1987. Jaworski has taken on the role of becoming an entrepreneurial businessman by creating his own golf organization. Giving back to the community and helping at-risk children have been Jaworski’s family mission throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Along with his golfing locations, Jaworski insists on creating safe spaces throughout the region for gym locations, ball-fields, schools and parks to the community. Jaworski’s plan to help give back was named the Jaws Youth Playbook.

Photo by Kevin McLaughlin of Ron Jaworski Eagles jersey

Aside from giving back to the community, Jaworski is a motivational speaker. His motto, “compete every single day,” is what he lives by. Jaworski also served as an ESPN NFL reporter after his career ended in 1989. The former quarterback served as co-owner of the Philadelphia Soul, Arena football league team, from 2011-2019. 

Jaworski will be introduced by 11-time Emmy-winning broadcaster Lou Tilley

Photo of the event preview by Cabrinicom

Describing himself as “a businessman/broadcaster, and not the other way around,” founder of Lou Tilley Media, Tilley started out as a college football player, then a broadcaster by the age of 28. 

Tilley and Jaworski developed a relationship that “goes back 35 years now” when Jaworski also became a businessman and broadcaster. “We had shared interests along the way and we’ve been able to stay connected at every stage of our careers,” Tilley said. 

As Tilley went into the private business field as a “media consultant and a producer of live sporting events.” Since Jaworski was the owner of Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League, he hired Tilley and his company “to produce the live telecasts of the Soul games.”

Aside from the field and business, Tilley described Jaworski as someone who “has a great personality and the ability to connect with people on every level that works very well with him in business and life, in general.” 

“As a businessman, in order to be successful, it requires a lot of the same skill that it takes to be a successful athlete and that means discipline, organization, hard work and practice,” Tilley said. “I’ve seen that side of Ron that the public doesn’t always get to see, and that is what makes our relationship a little differently than some.”

In 2012, Tilley and Jaworski were both involved in the project to start professional football in China, which Tilley describes as “the most difficult project that I’ve ever taken on.” 

Tilley said, “I had some insights into the developing business that very few people have and I started marketing it as the key to my business. I called it the Content Factory.” 

This led him to put together this sports minor after talking with many people in higher education, who told him “you have the makings here for an entire field of study.”

For anyone planning to make a career in this industry and after completing this program, Tilley offered his advice. 

“It’s hard work, but you’ll have to enjoy it because of the work you put in and that comes as a surprise to some,” Tilley said. “But I found in life that anything worthwhile is worth the work, and this is no exception. That is what I want them to learn.”

For those who wish to attend the Zoom meeting RSVP to the following link: http://bit.ly/CabriniRonJaworski

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Kevin McLaughlin

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