Speaker emphasizes focusing on goals

By Nina Scimenes
February 17, 2005

Shawn Rice

“Motivational supercharger,” Kevin Robertson, sparked the attention of Cabrini’s student-athletes during a lively pep talk. Thursday night, Feb. 11, energy was exploding out of the Widener Center lecture hall directing the audience to fulfill their goals.

All athletic teams were encouraged to go by their coaches. “I was very happy with the number of student-athletes who attended,” Leslie Danehy, athletic director, said. Robertson was chosen from a selection of speakers at Push the Rock Outfitter’s speakers bureau.

Robertson’s emphasis was on meeting goals. “Topic of focus is relevant to our student-athletes, and I wanted someone with energy,” Danehy said.

The title of his discussion is “focus strategies for success.” His own story of success was very inspiring to the audience. His life mirrored his view on goals and persevering to achieve your best. Robertson claims that he is “not the product of college, but the product of education.” He learned the hard way how to overcome unfortunate situations.

Robertson is successful in real estate, finance, broadcasting, and is a host for the TV show, “Blue Print For Success.” During his career he has had the pleasure of meeting Shaquille O’Neil and Don King.

Robertson turned his life around after being in jail for a drug-related incident. While in jail, he discovered that fear was a great motivator, and began to restructure his place in society as a person people look up to. Robertson was “willing to pay the price” to start a stable life.

Goal setting was stressed as one of the most important factors in achieving what you want to do.

“Goals are always an uphill battle,” Robertson said. Once you meet your goal, he mentioned that “it’s lonely on the top, but the view is beautiful.” These words of inspiration were taken to heart from the student-athletes present.

The audience was very attentive and involved. Robertson kept his speaking very lively by asking the audience to participate by sharing with each other their goals.

“In high school I was cut from the team as a freshman. Then I practiced all the time and I stuck with it anyways and was on the team my senior year. If I didn’t stay committed, I wouldn’t have made it,” a sophomore women’s lacrosse player said.

She gained a lot of knowledge from Robertson’s discussion on focus and will continue to apply it to her life in college.

In order to succeed in all areas, one must keep sight of one’s goals.

Robertson reminded student-athletes that it is not supposed to be easy, but to just continue to work at it each day.

The next speaker scheduled for student-athletes to attend is Mike Domitz March 17 in Grace Hall from 7 to 8 p.m. He will be discussing topics of sexual harassment and assault. All teams are expected to be in attendance.

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Nina Scimenes

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