Something to make a child go wild

By Jennifer Davis Jamie Hufnagle
December 1, 2006


Happy Feet: Tap Dancing Mumble

From the animated WB movie, “Happy Feet” comes the tap dancing loving penguin Mumble. Mumble starts to dance around when music is played, either the music given or external music. When the little kids ask him questions, Mumble responds (voice of Elijah Wood).

Estimated Cost: $29.99

T.M.X. Elmo

Tickle me Elmo has gone to an extreme. Ten years later (X equals ten), Elmo is revised and more energetic than ever before. The red fuzzy guy gets his kicks by being tickle in three different spots: his chin, tummy and toe. Once tickled he goes slaps his knee and then proceeds to fall on the floor rocking back and forth in laughter. The fit becomes intense with every time after that you tickle him. Although this seems to be not something that a real tickle would make someone do, it seems gets large favoritism from consumers of all ages.

Estimated Cost: $39.99

Trivial Pursuit

Totally 80s Game- Although it seems like only those who were around during the 80s would enjoy this 80s dedicated board game, many teens and preteens are showing interest in the pop-culture of the decade. Labeled as “The most popular trivia game in the world” Trivial Pursuit has 11 new board games and even new DVD board games. The 80s version contains 2,400 questions and six categories that will keep the young and older entertained for hours.

Estimated Cost: $39.99

Lego Creator 1000

Piece Tub: Fun with Building- The quintessential boy-toy dating back to 1932, Lego has grown into a huge corporation with specialized Lego sets. From Batman and Starwars to Spongebob, Lego is no longer only for boys, but girls alike. Grab a tub of plain Legos to build a new creation.

Estimated Cost: $20.99

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Jennifer Davis Jamie Hufnagle

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