Snow-covered beaches signal a too-soon spring break

By Ashley Cook
February 22, 2007

Warm, sandy beaches, beach towels and board shorts, chillin’ by the pool. Surrounded by friends and family, I walk the boardwalk looking for the first taste of “dip in dots” this year.

I continue to walk until I feel the water between my toes and can smell the mist of the salt water in the air. The cool breeze blows between my curls and the sunlight shines off my black bikini. I think to myself, “What an awesome spring break.”

Suddenly I awake to find myself back in my dorm-room. When I look outside, to my surprise, all I see is three inches of snow, unpaved driveways and no way out.

With not much to do here except maybe a trip to the mall or out to see a movie; activities around our area are either very limited or pretty dull. You’re lucky if you get a special trip into the city for a night. So what am I to do for spring break when I can’t even drive an hour to the beach, because the beaches are completely desolate?

Another problem is not every student can afford to go on a vacation every spring break, especially me.

Many students told me they will be spending spring break working to save up for the summer. While I’m saving up to study abroad, I cannot afford to spend a lot of money on spring break, and with the snowy weather, it seems my spring break will have to be spent at home this year.

I was upset to learn that many of the other colleges’ spring breaks are the week after ours. So when all of my friends are spending time together, ill be back at school writing my next essay or studying for another test.

What a bummer, especially when I haven’t seen some of my best friends since Christmas.

It’s just too early to have a spring break. The weather is too cold and our friends from other schools are still in class. But because the date is already set, I guess I will just have to keep dreaming of a warm spring break on the beach, instead of living it.

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Ashley Cook

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