Smart phones and social media: making the public less social

By Patrick Whalen
December 9, 2015

Smartphones are taking up so much time, people forget what is happening in their actual lives. Emily Rowan / Photo Editor

Step one: set an alarm.

Step two: check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Step three: text friends and significant others.

Step four: repeat step two and three throughout the entire day.

This seems to be the general consensus on the millennial generation’s thought process throughout every day of the week, month and year (maybe even life).

Sure, being “up to date” and “in the loop” is great. But how much does one actually miss out on when one is not only on their smartphones all day but also relies on it to get them through the entire day?

“Yo did you see that part in the new Hunger Gam…”

“No I was looking up the score of the game.”

“Sorry what did you say, I was looking up the net worth of Bill Gates.”

That pretty much sums up the quality of conversations that are being had by the majority of the millennial generation.

“People miss out on basic human interaction,” Valeri DiCarlo, senior liberal arts major, said. “The loss of full communication with feelings and expressions.”

Think about it, it has gotten to a point where laws had to be put in place because people could not go ten minutes while driving without sending a text or looking at their social media sites.

Avid moviegoers are still asked to silence their phones because for some reason smartphones go wherever the owner goes.

Maybe people should just start naming their phones.

What about school though?

How many people actually listen to professors talk? If half of the class is not on their phones, it is because they are sleeping or they are using one of their three skips.

When one does not feel like writing down everything the teacher is putting on the SMARTBOARD, simply take out a SMARTPHONE and take a picture of it!

It started to become a noticeable problem when teenagers started waking up to their parents friend requesting them on Facebook. Kids made quick action of it though by rallying the troops and switching over to Twitter and Instagram. Phew, that was a close one.

There lies another problem. The more social media sites, the more individuals miss out on. What if everyone took a step back and just took in all the beauty that this world holds?

Nowadays, the first thing people do when they see a pretty sunset is take a picture of it. Where does that picture go? Ha, that is a pretty idiotic question.

When the sky is pink and purple, Instagram is too with a few filters here and there. When something funny happens, Twitter does not hesitate to be the attention whore that one-ups everyone by trending that same exact funny story. When a concert or party is going on, Snapchat does its best to replicate the biggest waste of 10 seconds possible and when all social medias are refreshed and nothing new is coming up, go back to Facebook and see mom and dad’s status’ get more likes than any status or picture that has ever been on that old Facebook account that may or may not be deleted already.

Patrick Whalen

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