Slugger takes a chance on Cabrini University

By Michelle Guerin
April 26, 2018

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Baseball is more than a game to its players. Dylan Butler is no exception. Butler, coming from the West Coast— Washington, to be exact— knew he wanted to explore a new opportunity, bringing his favorite sport with him.

“Personally, my favorite part of being a captain is that I can answer all the questions the team may have about college baseball, the future, and their goals,” said. Butler. Photo from Cabrini Athletics.

“I thank myself constantly for making that decision because it has exposed me to family and friends that have become some sort of the closest people in my life, and a new beginning to a life on the East Coast,” Butler said.

Starting at a young age, Butler has always had baseball in his heart, but he did not have the idea of playing college ball until his junior year of high school.

“I guess others saw something in me that I didn’t because I had no inclination that anyone would recruit me,” Butler said.  “Once the opportunity to play college baseball came about, I worked each and every day for countless hours of the morning and night to ensure my childhood dreams continued.”

Cabrini University’s baseball coach Nick Weisheipl knew from the start that Butler had potential.

“He’s taken on a leadership role as one of our team captains and does an excellent job supporting his teammates, regardless of his success or struggles,” Weisheipl said. “For Dylan and his family to take a chance on a complete unknown in Cabrini shows how much faith and loyalty they have [in] our team and university.”

“A very dependable and appreciative young man,” Weisheipl said. Photo by Hope Daluisio

Picking up a leadership position on the team, Butler shows his teammates that he comes to every practice and game 100 percent engaged.

“Dylan always has a great attitude, no matter what situation we as a team are in,” catcher Vince Gares said. “Dylan’s always around to lend a hand and will do anything for anyone because that’s just the way he is.”

Having some experience being on previous teams, he has seen many leaders and mimics their behaviors.

“I have been a part of several teams in my college career, giving me plenty of experience to see what does and doesn’t work as a captain,” Butler said.  “We are role models to the younger guys, for them to emulate how we go about our business as a team.”

Being appointed leader, Butler does not take the title as a given.

“Personally, my favorite part of being a captain is that I can answer all the questions the team may have about college baseball, the future and their goals,” Butler said. “I honestly feel proud to see my teammates and especially the younger guys progress.”

Describing Dylan in three words, Weisheipl said: committed, dependable and appreciative.

“He took a chance on a brand new program coming all the way from the state of Washington and has fully immersed himself in all that is Cabrini,” Weisheipl said.  “A very dependable and appreciative young man. He makes it a point to show gratitude to his teammates, coaches and others he encounters in his daily endeavors.”

Michelle Guerin

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