Slow internet connection: a campus-wide problem

By Staff Writer
November 4, 2005

Many Cabrini students have suffered a variety of computer related problems as the half-way point of the fall semester approached. Viruses, a slow running network and crashing computers are among the main problems that have been plaguing students since their return to campus in August.

Students can be seen at the library with disgruntled looks on their face due in part to the slow running network which disables them to complete assignments, sign on to the ever-so famous WebCT, check their e-mail or surf the web. The slow network has also been occurring in dorm rooms through out campus as well.

“My computer in my dorm room runs slow all the time and takes forever to upload a link,” said Michelle McCardle, a freshman. “I know it’s not just my computer because it’s happening to both of my roommates and other people on campus too.”

McCardle also went on to say that sometimes websites take so long that the internet just stops trying to display all together and says that the page cannot be found. “Most of the time, my Cabrini e-mail account won’t even open, so I can’t even check my mail.”

One of the main concerns for students is why their computers and laptops work in the comfort of their own home, but once they are brought to campus, problems begin to occur?

That is a question that the ITR department is supposed to help answer, but more than a few students say the department has not been doing a good job.

Lisa DeFino, a senior elementary education major said, “I haven’t asked them for anymore help because I went through the same problems last semester and they gave me attitude about coming over to my room to look at the computer. I thought it was their job to help with any computer problems, but I guess I was wrong about what exactly their job is on this campus.”

Not only have these technological difficulties created problems for the students on campus, but professors have also been affected by these indifferences as well.

Carol Serotta, associate professor of mathematics, said that technology problems in the classroom have been an issue for her all semester. The smart board in one of her math classrooms has been malfunctioning since the start of the semester and it has still yet to be fixed.

She said that she has gone down to report the issue to ITR numerous times and they tell her that it is fixed, but when she is teaching her class and turns it on, it still does not work and this disrupts her lessons.

After several e-mails to ITR with no response, the question of what is going to be done about these problems still remains unanswered.

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