Skype connects iPhone users on the go

By Patrick McGowan
April 30, 2009

Skype has worked its way into the iTunes Store as one of the newest application for the iPhone. Although Cabrini students and professors are finding the program to be a clever addition to the iPhone applicaton family, they do not see an extreme need to use it.

According to, the Skype application for the iPhone looks much like other iPhone application and less like Skype 4.0 for Windows.

The screens are said to be well-organized and have the perk of adding filters, which allows contacts to be sorted alphabetically or by who is online.

The Skype application biggest feature is the ability of free calling between Skype users as well as a reasonably priced per-minute fee to landlines.

Dr. Nicholas Rademacher, professor of religious studies, is thankful for a new application that could possibly help with the cost of making phone calls.

“It would be a good tool for making phone calls as my monthly allotment of minutes goes down throughout the month,” Rademacher said. also points out that calls on Skype for iPhone are only accessible if the user is near a Wi-Fi network.

Therefore, the quality of the phone call depends on the wireless signals in the area. The cell phone network cannot be used for Skype calls.

Students such as Andy Stettler, senior English and communication major, are discovering the Skype app for the iPhone to be more practical for them.

“From what I know about Skype, it’s a video chat application that lets people communicate in a much more personal or professional way,” Stettler said. “Students can have a video conference with someone halfway around the world. If you use Skype for purposes like these, then you can completely reeducate yourself on the rest of the world.”

If a user prefers to use their iPod Touch, they need earphones with an implanted microphone in order to talk.

Two attributes special to the iPhone are that photos are also easily reached from within the Skype app, or the user can simply pull up a picture from the camera roll, according to

“I would definitely use the app,” Stettler said. “Skype needs to find away to market webcams for more practical and professional uses though.”

Dr. Charles Spencer, director of admissions, took the opportunity to download the Skype app and found it intriguing.

At the same time, he admitted he would probably not use the new app.

“I was a little lost with the app,” Spencer said. “The reviews were not that great either.”

“It’s a cool idea,” Courtney Flaim, junior elementary education major, said. “I see why some people might rather do that then text. I know it is good for computers because you can talk to your friends and family that are long distance, but on a phone, I guess it’s something new to try.”

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Patrick McGowan

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