Skiing and snowboarding sports stay alive with lack of snow this winter

By Catharine Hernson
February 21, 2002

photo by Katie Reing

Winter sports enthusiasts can find salvation just a short trip away from Cabrini. Skiing and snowboarding are two very popular sports, now even more so after people watched the Olympics from Salt Lake. Cabrini students may not be able to make it out to Utah or Colo. for the day, but there are many places in the Pocono Mountains that they could ski.

The closest ski area to Cabrini is Blue Mountain just 45 minutes away. But some students like to go beyond the Poconos. The mountains of Vt. and N.H. are not to far out of the way for a short weekend trip either.

The Poconos are strewn with various resorts. Some of the more popular places to go are Blue Mountain, Jack Frost, Big Boulder, Camelback and Montage.

There are skiers and snowboarders at all stages who just want to hit the mountains and have a good time. Senior Mike Demarest is in Vt. snowboarding for the week, he has been going out as much as possible since his senior year of high school. While graduate student Mike Fineberg is going out to Big Boulder, in the Poconos, for his first time skiing this weekend.

The biggest draws to skiing and snowboarding are the freedoms associated with being one with the mountain. Skiers and snowboarders a like love to get off the main trail and carve their own. “It’s been hard this year to hit the back trails, not really enough snow,” senior Cliff Beckett said. Yet the need for the thrill keeps him going out to the mountains.

Skiers and snowboarders go to mountains with a few specifications to have a good run. Slopes should be clearly marked and not have too many lifts running in to the ski area. Lodge location is also a big selling point for resorts. A lodge at the top of the hill makes skiing down uneventful because when you get to the bottom of the hill all you are able to do is go back up. A wide variety of trails is another key ingredient for a top resort. Both skiers and snowboarders like to be able to get down the mountain without running in to a lot of other people. “If there aren’t any good back trails, make your own,” Beckett said. Snowboarders like to have park terrain, areas with access to rails and jumps. Also a half-pipe is a must for a good snowboarding resort.

Even with out much snow skiing and snowboarding are faring well this winter. With the winter Olympics drawing more of an audience, skiing and snowboarding are not suffering the dry winter.

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Catharine Hernson

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