Ski club goes to Canada

By Staff Writer
December 8, 2005

Brian Coary

In less than a month and a half, Jan. 8 to Jan. 13 to be exact, the Cabrini ski club will embark on their fifth annual ski trip, which will be held in Canada this year, on top of Mt. Tremblant.

The ski club, which was created by a group of Cabrini students some five years ago, all of whom have graduated, was designed so that the students of Cabrini could have something fun and exciting to take part in.

As it turns out, five years later, the ski club, ironically enough, is catching on like wild fire.

According to Joseph Coyle, associate director of admissions, there are usually about 22 to 24 people that take place in the annual ski trip. As far as this year goes, Coyle said, “This is our biggest trip yet. This year we have 45 people going, and we are expecting at least nine more.”

What makes this trip so exciting, aside from the fact that it is taking place during college weekend, is that the ski club members will be staying in a little village on top of the mountain. According to the group, everything is in walking distance. Since the trip takes place in the middle of the town, one can walk anywhere.

This year’s trip was set up by Claudia Sciandra, a senior accounting and finance major, and Chris Loringer, a junior graphic design major, along with Coyle and several others.

Loringer said that he encourages students to go because it is such a great time, “It is the best week of my life,” Loringer said.

Sciandra said that another reason why members of the club are excited is because the money exchange is higher in Canada. This way you can get more Canadian money in exchange for American dollars.

In addition to the trip, the ski club also has future plans in its sights. Sciandra said that the club is going to try to set up more outdoor events other than skiing. They don’t want to be known as just a ski club, but a ski and outdoor club.

“We are trying to set up outdoor paintball trips and other events,” Sciandra said. “We are also having another ski trip during the spring semester to Mt. Snow in Vermont.”

The club said that the date for the Vermont ski trip is not yet known, but they do know that it will only cost $65 for a lift ticket and an overnight stay.

Anyone interested in participating in any of these future outdoor events can contact Claudia Sciandra at or Joseph Coyle at

“The ski club gives students here something to do,” Coyle said. “College is what you make of it, so why not have fun?”

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