Sisters who sing together, stay together

By Karena McDanel
December 14, 2018

Growing up, my sister Jasmin and I have always been really close but I believe that our bond became stronger after

My sister and I at my High School Graduation. Photo by Karena McDanel

we discovered we could sing. Singing has brought us out of our comfort zone and has shown who we really are as people. This talent has been with us through thick and thin which is why I’m so grateful to have it. 

Me at the Elementary School play. Photo by Karena McDanel

We’ve been singing since we were little.  Jasmin and I would have chorus concerts at our elementary school, and we didn’t just sing we had little acting parts as well. My sister was always the star on the stage she is very outgoing and had many parts in the play and as for me, I had tiny parts that would make people laugh, I always was put into some sort of funny outfit, for example, a banana costume.

This helped Jasmin and I realized that we loved to sing and act. That’s when we wanted to be more a part of school events, that we were able to sing in. This allowed us to stick together and strengthen our vocals.

When we got older we then realized that we wanted to join the choir in church. It was a bit difficult because it was Spanish mass, so we would try to pronounce the words correctly. It was a little bit more challenging for Jasmin and I because we didn’t speak or understand Spanish. However, we made it work and ended up enjoying it in the end.

As we got older we did talent shows, theater and even posted videos on Youtube. The talent show happened during high school and that was the most nerve-racking thing we have ever done. We shared our singing talent in front of the whole school. I almost forgot what I was singing when I got up on the stage with my sister.

We both were in a play called Urinetown for our high school play. We played the poor ensemble. This helped us get out of our comfort zone while allowing us to have so much fun doing it.

Although, throughout all of the things we have done in our life I wanted to ask Jasmin a few questions which were “if you could pick any favorite memory of us singing what would it be?” and “Do you believe singing brought us together.”

“Just sitting on the couch at home singing with you,” Jasmin said.

Jasmin and I singing on the couch. Photo by Karena McDanel

That really makes me happy because I would say the same thing. Hands down our favorite thing to do is sitting on the couch and just sing some karaoke. Whenever I go home from a break that’s the first thing we do. I’d say it’s like the little tradition we have.

And the last question I asked her was If she believed singing has brought us together.”Singing keeps us closer,” Jasmin said. I’m forever grateful to have her as a best friend and be able to share this beautiful talent with her.

We’re sisters but she is my forever best friend and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Having a bond and sharing a talent is a very unique thing and I’m so grateful to have it with her.

Karena McDanel

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